Cresta Shopping Centre gives you their tips on finding balance in 2020

Jan 13, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

It’s 2020! The year of ‘abundant balance’. 2020 is a leap year gracing us with an extra day to do better, be better and find the balance that we all somehow lost in 2019.


Interesting predictions from the past that were expected for the year 2020 include roads becoming tubes instead of asphalt, putting humans on Mars and living in flying houses on Earth. Now while we may not be quite there yet, this year should be something special. Let’s focus on finding true life balance, starting fresh, pushing those boundaries until we achieve the great things, we set out to achieve in our New Year Resolutions. Let the theme for this year be all about putting your best foot forward for you and your family. And Cresta Shopping Centre and their tenants are here to help you all the way. With over 260 stores – they have everything you need for a fresh start and a bold year. 

Start with sifting out the old and making room for the ‘new’. The ‘new’ comes in different forms for everyone; for some, it’s committing to a gym membership while for others, it’s perfecting the art of baking a 23 layered chocolate cake – either way, whether you need new trainers or a new baking tray, Cresta has what you need to embrace your ‘new’ you. 

Cresta is geared up and ready to help you set up for your ‘year of balance’- so expect new trends, convenience, new experiences and interesting ways to spend your time with your family and friends throughout the year. Be sure to join their community on social media to stay in the loop on all the action. 

With the end of the holidays comes the reality of work and back to school blues. Turn this gloomy time around and visit Cresta to perfect your 2020 corporate look and stock up on fun stationery for the kids – sharper pencils for sharper minds. 


With so many stores and such great variety, you can tackle the whole family’s resolution needs at the “one-shop-stop” Centre, and still take a breather to make time for date nights, movies and the tranquility of the CrestAquarium. 

The beginning of the year does not have to be dull, penniless and uninspiring as the Cresta team has lined up a year full of fun and entertaining activities, events and of course great deals that will make a huge difference to your mindset. 


A few important things to remember that will make visiting Cresta a well-balanced trip; the Centre offers FREE Wi-Fi in the Food and Entertainment Court so that shoppers can stay connected and share their experiences with ease. The Centre also took steps to ensure that shoppers enjoy every aspect of their experience by upgrading their security and equipping their well-known brand ambassadors with all the necessary information to ensure a smooth visit and address any matters related to the Centre. This year Cresta is not only focused on your shopping experience but your leisure and entertainment needs and plan on making it easy for you and your loved ones to achieve your 2020 goals and have fun doing it. So, here’s to a new you and ‘Imagine More’ this 2020. 

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