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Don’t be upsetti, eat some spaghetti!

Aug 10, 2017, Author: Bianca Spinner

This pizza-pasta-parlour is the perfect haunt. Jamie’s Italian has some of the finest cuisine in the Arch, not only for a carb-loving date night, but also for a family affair or wine and dine soiree with your besties.

We’re always eager for a homemade-style plate of spaghetti, and this upmarket shrine serves some of the best the city has to offer. The well-designed aesthetic charm adds to the experience. The waiters are dynamic powerhouse that we’ve dubbed the dream team.

Impeccable service with a smile is guaranteed, and it gets a double thumbs up from us – specifically when they arrive with your glass of Prosecco.

The menu is just right… it’s not bombarded with ostentatious dishes and flamboyant ingredients. It has just enough choice and just enough fancy. Jamie’s is all about delicious, fresh food, made with the best ingredients. We’ve never met a plate of paste we didn’t like, so let’s dig in!

Find out more about Jamie’s head Chef Shane Smit

Porcini Fettuccine is our go-to dish – it’s all about the homemade style pasta, with just four ingredients; flour, free-range eggs, semolina and water. This masterpiece inspires memories of sitting alongside the cobblestone streets of Italy under the European sun. Another inspiration is their famous prawn linguine.

No bells and whistles, just pure delicious flavours of fennel, garlic, saffron and hints of simple sweetness from the prawn. Now the showstopper… you’ve never had a brownie like the ‘Epic Chocolate Brownie’. With a nuance of richness and chocolate heaven, this dish is a victory.

If the sound of amaretto ice cream and caramelized amaretti popcorn, engulfed by two giant chocolate packages gets you excited, then join the club. Ten out of ten on the yummy scale!

A: Building 13, High Street, Melrose Boulevard, Melrose North, Melrose Arch.


T: 010 007 4646

IG: @jamiesitaliansa

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