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Don’t forget mom-in-law this Mother’s Day!

May 7, 2019, Author: Carly Ritz

We thank our own moms all the time for everything they do for us, so we felt it fitting to salute the mom-in-laws (MILs) as well this month. Think how hard they’ve worked (mostly) to get your other half to the respectable and marriageable state in which you found themSo, here’s how to make your MIL your number-one fan this Mother’s Day. 

Even the playing field 

It’s the same argument every year – a massive brunch with your mom and a quick tea in the arvie with his? How did you think this was going to end? Of coursethe mom that gets the chopchop visit later in the day is going to feel like chopped liverBut who knew that meal times were a sign of hierarchy?  

This is an easy fix: celebrate the moms together. Show your MIL that she is just as important as your own mamma with a combined brunch, lunch, tea or dinner. Whatever it is, everyone wins. Both moms feel special and you kill two ducks with one cake, so the rest of the day is free to do as you please. 


Gift smart 

You know your mom well and you know what she likes, so it’s usually quite easy to get her a gift. It may not be as easy when it comes to the MIL. If you find yourself in said situation, don’t be generic if you can help it. Flowers and chocolates say you ran into Woolies and grabbed something ofof the promotions table. Ask your spouse what their mom might really like and score double points! A nice gift for MIL and brownies with your partner for showing interest. 

Get the kids on board 

Your MIL dotes on her grandchildren and wants the same love and attention in returnBrief and prep your children in advance. Let’s put Fort Night away, write gran a heartfelt letter and give her loads of hugs and kisses on Mother’s Day. Any bratty behaviour on their end will be your fault – naturally! So, get the kids on board – even if it means a small incentive on your part.  


Be social mediasavvy 

If you plan on posting a picture collage and a sentimental message for your mom on Mother’s Day, prep one for MIL as well. It’s a quick and easy thing to do and will make her feel special amongst all her family and friends. P.S. use flattering pictures. 

And then there’s the next level… 

Right, if you really want to shine with MIL (you have your reasons we’re sure), set a date just for the two of you. Maybe a brunch and a massage or a movie if that’s her thing. Proactively showing interest in spending one-on-one time with your mother-in-law is the ultimate indicator that your care, appreciate and respect her. It also lets your spouse off the hook for the day, which means he/she owes you one and who doesn’t like to have an IOU in the wings for a rainy day. 


If you have any other ideas to share, leave them in the comments below!

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