Downtime enjoyments that will exercise your mind

Nov 8, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

It’s the typical cliché to use in November, but … where did the year go? As we snowball through the final stretch of 2019, it seems fitting that we focus on entertainment that keeps our minds elasticised in a time where we can sometimes feel exhaustion creeping in. The end of the year tends to become a time for focus on self-reflection at work as well, so ensuring you stay motivated is needed. 


PODCAST: Yoga South Africa 

Head on over to Apple Podcasts and search for yogasouthafrica. You’ll find an insightful series that began this year and supplies wonderful inspiration for any aspiring yogi. Tarryn James heads up the series and chats to a host of local yoga names. The series is a collection of interesting discussions, from guided meditations to discussions around yoga props and even gender-based violence. There’s a lovely episode around the art of self-practice that’s a worthwhile listen.  


READ: Bassie: My Journey of Hope 

Basetsana Kumalo is such a well-known and loved woman here in South Africa, from her Miss South Africa win in 1994 through to her incredible move and sometimes struggle in business. Bassie has now released a book that covers her rise to fame and presenting career as well as her move behind the camera as she jumped into business. The book also examines the struggles of balancing being a mother and a businesswoman. She’s open and raw about the struggles of being a female in business and the legal fights she’s had to face. 


WATCH: Silicon Valley – the final season 

Silicon Valley dropped in 2014 and follows the struggles of a nerdy computer programmer and his geeky friends as they try to turn a great idea into a successful business in the high-tech world of San Francisco, now known as Silicon Valley. The show pokes fun at big tech companies while also giving insight into the struggles of budding entrepreneurs. It’s funny, witty and will have you snorting tea through your nose at least once. The final series debuts on Showmax in early December, so you have this month to binge the rest and ensure you’re all caught up for the big conclusion.  

 By Sam Wright

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