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Empowering entertainment for females by females

Aug 8, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

These inspiring creators produce entertaining work that will inspire, delight and educate you. The best part? They’re all wonderful women that bring their femininity and creativity to the table. In honour of Women’s Month, why not entertain yourself with their work? 


Get financially savvy 

Kim and Nikki are corporate go-getters, mums, wives and self-care experts. Their blog, Two Babes on a Budget, is a great spot to stop if you’re living a couture life on an off-the-rack budget. The pair shows you the best way to dress for your figure, the latest fashion trends and, most importantly, how and where to shop for them without blowing your budget. The blog is packed with finance tips and wardrobe wonders. Check it out at   

Romcom it up 

Netflix has a new original movie on offer for you staring the very funny Ali Wong. Wong wrote the screenplay and produced Always Be My Maybe, but it is directed by the talented Nahnatchka Khan. Expect a beautifully told giggling romance with this warm and fuzzy movie that explores friendship, career success and love. The narrative around successful ladies in the workplace runs as an interesting branch of the story. A beautifully raw and real romance that doesn’t have that typical Prince Charming ending you might expect. You can stream the movie on Netflix.  


Scare yourself 

Lauren Beukes is a South African comics author and writer best known for books including Broken Monsters and The Shining Girls. Her latest offering is a short story that forms part of Disorder, “a collection of six short stories of living nightmares”. For less than R100 on Amazon, jump into the world of Nats – an actor and sex worker who finds herself pulled into the confusing world of AI and possible robo sex dolls with a conscious. Black Mirror has nothing on this! The short story is available on  

Invest in yourself 

Remind yourself that you are enough. South African entrepreneur Jane Killian Shaw has developed Unselfishly Me, an eight-week self-love transformation course that costs R1,000 and offers a new theme each week to help you on a journey of self-discovery. Each theme has its own song, meditation, mantra, song, podcasts as well as video and journal prompts that allow you to delve a little deeper and join an online community of women looking to lift themselves and each other up. Find out more at  


By Sam Wright

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