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Ethical fashion brands that are saving the day

With the fashion industry as the second biggest polluter in the world, we need to rethink what we buy. Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you quit shopping cold turkey … With the help of these ethical fashion brands, dressing sustainably has never looked better.

Graydawn Hello Joburg

Graydawn - social brand making waves

Graydawn is one of our top choices of ethical fashion brands in South Africa. The company produces high-quality wardrobe essentials like vests, shirts, and cosy pullovers to honey-yellow maxi dresses. Nicole Jean Hustler named the business after a farm where she grew up, and her pieces reflect the simplicity and nostalgia of farm living. Nicole and her sister Jocelyn run the business, while their mother, Jean sews the clothes and handknits sweaters from natural fabrics. @graydawn_clothing

Hemp Love - superior fashion

Hemp Love is a proudly South African company that is transforming common misconceptions around hemp. Did you know that Hemp is one of the most durable fibres in the world and has long been associated with sustainability? This is because the natural fibre takes very little water to grow, needs very few pesticides to farm and has unique properties that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. @hemploveza

H&M South Africa Hello Joburg

H&M - global fashion mega brand

H&M is also doing its part for the environment with the H&M Conscious range. To illustrate this, customers can identify sustainable garments by their green-conscious tag. To qualify for these tags, the items must be made of at least 50% sustainable materials. This collection aims to produce affordable pieces that are stylish and sustainable. And shoppers can expect anything from billowing maxi dresses to shorts and swimwear in the range. @hm

green bamboo hello joburg

Boody Wear SA - a unique twist on sustainability

Bamboo is another exceptionally sustainable material. This versatile plant is often used to make straws, plates and kitchenware, but we bet you never thought that it could also make ultra-soft underwear? Boody Wear SA uses locally grown bamboo to make gorgeous socks, underwear and even activewear for both men and women. There is even an adorable range just for babies!  @boodywearsouthafrica


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