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Exclusive interview with Jim Moginie from Midnight Oil

Jun 28, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

We are so excited that the very legendary Midnight Oil are currently touring around the world with their Great Circle tour – and the fact that they will be in South Africa on the 29th July at Marks Park in Emmarentia! “Beds are Burning” sky rocketed this band to international fame in 1987 – and they haven’t looked back since.

We were lucky enough to get a one on one interview with Jim Moginie – the founding member, guitarist, keyboardist and leading songwriter of Midnight Oil…

Your tour is called The Great Circle – why the name Great Circle?

The Great Circle is a shipping term – it is a difference between two points, and although quite esoteric, it is quite a good name given the fact that we are coming back together and going around the world together! We have spent 15 years apart, moving in different directions, focusing on our own paths and the symbol of the the two hands linking together is just great. We are faced with global warming and struggle as much now, and more, as they were in the 80’s and our songs are now as relevant as they were then. It’s almost like a completion of the job, if you will?

What can fans – old and new, expect?

We are so excited to be able to launch our box set, well it’s not really boxes, it’s actually 2 Australian water tanks, made of metal, which are completely full of CD’s!! This is a total retrospective of our work, and there are 26 albums and DVD’s in there.

We were going through all our work that we had released, and not released and realised that there is so much material that we love and our fans love – so why not give it all to them! We did a gig at Ellis Park in 1994 for Nelson Mandela, and unbeknown to us someone had filmed it, and this footage turned up and it was amazing to discover and watch, that is in there too.

The joy of having over 170 odd songs and being able to revisit them and pretty much play whatever we want – making each show different – we will mix old and new, add in some esoteric songs from 1979 and songs that everyone loves and knows the words too – it’s going to be fun.

We feel that there is so much deep relevance in our music. Look at the political situations – it’s all the same now, some of these songs are just so nostalgic, people still love them, and that mean a lot.

We have a great horn player joining us on the tour, and more keyboards – it’s going to be a very varied set – it’s going to be great!

I am looking forward to coming back. It’s really cool that people are bringing their kids along, they (the original fans) are in their 50’s now – yet there is a whole new generation of Midnight Oil fans in their twenties – and that is so great!

What made you decide to go back on the road after all these years?

We are all still here, unlike many of our contemporaries and we have a message that people want to hear. We have all still been playing around on our own projects, but our tools are sharp, we have a massive appreciation of what we have done, and want to show people that appreciation in the best way possible.

There are so many reasons – but the biggest one is just being appreciative that we are all still alive and able to play together.

Is music something you still do every day?

I have been quite busy playing in the Australian orchestra, doing some solo records and helping out on soundtracks, producing on other peoples records, and basically just doing what I love – just cant seem to get out of it. We all have the bug, and always will – no matter what.

Whats next for Midnight Oil?

Well, we haven’t discussed it yet, we are just so excited to be in the moment, have fun and have a lot of work ahead of us. There is so much to do, this is going to be a busy couple months, it will take us all the way around the globe until November, and I guess see what happens afterwards. Enjoying the moment, the way we always have.

Find out more about Midnight Oil in SA and get your tickets here for the show on 29th July right HERE

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