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Focus on precious porcelain at the Antiques Collective

May 31, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Hello Joburgers, since hosting the annual prestigious National Antiques & Decorative Arts Faire (NAADA Faire) for the past three years, which turns the Crystal Court into an elegant showcase for antique furniture, collectables and decorative arts, shoppers and collectors are now able to enjoy the international trend in ‘table-top antiquing’ with the introduction of a monthly table-top Antique Fair on the last Sunday of every month.   

The next Antique Collective takes place on Sunday, 30 June 2019, with antique dealers showcasing their very best in antiques, collectables and decorative arts and experts will be on hand to give free valuations ‘á la Antique Roadshow’ for those who have some ‘old treasures’ from grandma tucked away that might be of value.  

With antiques spanning a wide range of collecting genres – from silver to porcelain; from coins and stamps to mantiques; from vintage accessories to bric-a-brac, the organisers of the Antique Collective will be doing focus exhibitions on specific areas of antiques each month – with dealers highlighting their best pieces.


Appreciating precious porcelain and pottery

There is nothing more impressive than a dining table set with exquisite china to make for a memorable dinner, a beautiful ceramic vase for those cut flowers or a porcelain figurine as a centrepiece to a table or sideboard.  

The trend in collecting china, porcelain and ceramics continues to be strong but the experts say that 20th century decorative arts are coming into their own. Look for top quality Royal Worcester and Moorcroft investment pieces. For those who love Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper, both of whom were strong in the 1980’s and then dipped, watch out for their resurgence. The international pottery trend for 2019 is for pieces with simple, clean lines in whites, cobalt or inky ultramarine blues. In South African pottery, choose from Kalahariware, Linnware and Ardmore, which are fetching good prices and continue to be highly collectable.


Pottery can be traced back to China around 960 AD when the discovery of kaolin clay made it possible to fire dishware at high temperatures to create brilliant white products.  Marco Polo brought ceramic dishes and vases called ‘porcella’ back from his voyages and soon the world had fallen in love with what was thereafter referred to as ‘china’ based on its country of origin.  Porcelain and china came into its own in the 18th Century in Europe as they too learnt the various firing and transferring techniques and today we celebrate some of the world’s most prized art pottery houses.

Whether you opt for the German house of Meissen or love Delft’s blue and white, are partial to the French houses of Sevres and Limoges or prefer the many English potteries – from Wedgwood and Spode to those given the Royal nod – Royal Doulton, Royal Crown Derby and Moorcroft, the newly established monthly Antique Directive in the Crystal Court at the Mall of Africa is the place to shop for some of the best porcelain and china.


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