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Get to know Aviation Gin with Travis Tober

Mar 7, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

Travis has had 20+ years of experience at top restaurants and bars in the US and has always loved Aviation Gin. As their Head of Brand Education he travels around the world to tell the Aviation story, build relationships with local distributors, meet customers and create innovative cocktails with bartenders and mixologists! He also gets to hang out with Ryan Reynolds which is a major bonus if you ask us. 

How should Aviation Gin be enjoyed?  

Neat over ice or in a variety of cocktails. It’s a New Western-style gin, so, it offers a wide medley of flavours making it softer, subtler and more balanced than other gin’s.  

What are the flavours, tasting notes and distillation process? 

Botanicals are the first flavour note you’ll notice when you sip on Aviation Gin and not juniper, as in traditional London Dry gins. There is definitely juniper and pine on the nose, but it’s backed up with soft sweet orange, lavender and cardamom. The result is soft and round, leaving a beautiful wide medley of botanicals on the palate. We use a maceration method to beat the hell out of the juniper berries which helps tone down their influence and allows the other botanicals to come to the fore. It’s why it’s such a smooth and easy-drinking gin. 


Here are the official tasting notes: 


Juniper and pine backed up with sweet orange, lush lavender, and earthy cardamom. 


Soft and round, with beautiful botanical medley of flavours. Caraway, anise, and a hint of pepper. Light lavender that ties well with herbal tones. 


Long, smooth, peppery with a hint of Brazil nuts.

In terms of the distillation process, Aviation is batch-distilled in small 100-case batches.   


In your opinion what sets Aviation Gin apart from other gins? 

THE MIXABILTY OF IT! It’s the first gin to be made with cocktails in mind. 

Why do you think Aviation gin would make the perfect cocktail? 

It’s all about balance with no one botanical overtaking the others. I know it sounds crazy but I just discovered that Aviation Gin on the rocks with a lemon peel pairs perfectly with buttered movie popcorn. It’s absolutely fabulous and really makes the whole movie experience way better! 

Can you tell us a cool fact about the gin?  

It was created by the first bartender distiller partnership, and of course Ryan Reynolds owns it, which is pretty cool. 


Your Favourite Jozi cocktail bars?

Mootee BarSin Tax and of course, The Little Fox! 




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