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Get to know Genevieve Pearson from Hotpod Yoga

Mar 6, 2020, Author: Hello Joburg

Genevieve Pearson, affectionately known as Genna, is somewhat of an adventurist. She’s climbed mountains, run marathons and now she’s the owner of Hotpod Yoga in Linden and Melrose. We caught up with her to get the lowdown on this new, exciting form of exercise.  


Facebook: @hotpodyogajohannesburg 

Instagram: @hotpodyogajoburg 

How long have you been practising yoga and what drew you to it initially? 

Since 2005 – I started doing yoga at my local gym in the UK because it looked so relaxing. Soon after, I was hooked! 

Explain the concept around Hotpod Yoga. 

Hotpod Yoga is an accessible yoga practised in a funky setting with numerous health benefits. It’s basically flow yoga in a heated environment. The structure of the yoga classes we teach makes it possible for students of all levels to participate. 

How did you get involved in Hotpod Yoga? 

I was looking to expand the offering of my studio, Yoga Warrior, by introducing hot yoga when I came across Hotpod Yoga. While reviewing the logistics of opening a branch, the then owner Daniella told me she was emigrating and that I could buy the Linden, Joburg franchise from her, which we did in January 2018. We opened a second branch in Melrose four months later. 


Why should people try Hotpod Yoga? 

The heat adds a whole new dimension to the yoga – you can stretch a lot more with less risk of injury, and the cardio workout helps with building fitness and endurance so it’s a fantastic complement to any sports activity. The cocoon-like pod transports you away from the world outside so you can really tune into your body with no distractions and come out with a happy, sweaty smile! 

Other than yoga, what are your passions? 

My husband and son, extreme adventures, photography, cooking, travel, dogs and wine.  

Where can we find you on a day off? 

The Wilds or the Johannesburg Botanical Garden overlooking the Emmarentia Dam – anywhere there’s nature and where the dogs and my toddler can run around! 

What’s your favourite hidden gem in Joburg? 

Chef Micky’s Private Dining – a Thai restaurant at 102 Corlett Drive. It’s beneath our Melrose branch. Micky is a high-profile chef and sought-after caterer, and her food is exquisite. 


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