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Get to know Héloïse Haupt from Lunaberry

March 13, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

Lunaberry was founded by Héloïse Haupt upon her return from London where she learnt the art of classical French cuisine and patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu. Lunaberry specialises in baking ‘out of this world’ treats which include celebration cakes, cupcakes, cookies and much more.



Tell us a little bit more about Lunaberry?

I wanted to start a business that would allow my customers to design their cakes in any way they like. I offer my clients a unique personal touch, guiding them through the process of designing a cake, starting with their choice of flavours, coming up with a unique theme and deciding on finishes to decorate it. It is extremely important to me that the cake not only looks delicious but also tastes delicious.

What inspired your love for baking?

Baking is one of the ways that I show appreciation and love for the people around me. From a young age, it was the easiest way to show people that I cared about them. To this day one of my greatest joys is seeing the look of pure delight and excitement on my clients’ faces when they come to collect their orders.


What’s the most extravagant cake you’ve ever made?

I have done a few very ‘unique’ cakes for bachelor and bachelorette parties. I did a cake for a friends birthday last year; the theme was Halloween and I decided to present him with his own severed head on a platter! He loved it!

If you could describe yourself as a frosting flavour what would it be and why?

Chocolate with a hazelnut crunch. I think I am a rather bold person so a flavour like double chocolate would suit me well but then there is a side of me that is completely unexpected, hence the hazelnut crunch.


One item in your kitchen you can’t live without?

If I had to pick, it would probably be my kitchen aid or my Rational oven – they go hand in hand.

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