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Apr 19, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Hello Joburgers, if you love a good show, and a night out on the town, then do yourself a favour and check out Montecasino’s ‘Show and Stay’ experience that is currently running for the duration of The Sound of Music at The Teatro. We recently headed over to Montecasino to enjoy a wonderful night at The Palazzo Hotel, and of course join in all the show fun with The Sound of Music.

Walking into the lobby of The Palazzo, one is immediately greeted with a feeling of opulence, that still manages to imbue a sense of comfort and home away from home, complete with warm smiles from the staff. Our bags were promptly whisked away and taken to our room, with us in tow.

The rooms at The Palazzo are so luxurious, you’ll never want to leave, Hello Joburgers. The curtains are draped from the ceiling to the floor in swaths of fabric that block out the light so well you wouldn’t know if it was day or night (great for a lie in!) and a grand chandelier hangs over the bed, giving the air of a palatial residence.

Once you have settled in, one can request a golf cart to transport you to the theatre so that you don’t have to walk all the way from the hotel. Talk about great service!

The Sound of Music is a story that we all know and love. It’s been around since 1965 and is based on the real-life story of the Von Trapp Family singers that were successful just before World War II. Carmen Pretorius is absolutely incredible as Maria! She has also played in Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia and Footloose, so she is no stranger to the stage. Well-known, all round entertainer, Andre Schwartz stars as Captain von Trapp.

He plays the role so well you that you will be transported to the 1930s. The young actors that play the Von Trapp children are a delight to behold and the littlest one (played by 3 different girls aged between 6 and 9) will have you laughing right from the beginning.

Sing along to ‘The hills are alive’, ‘My favourite things’, ‘Sixteen going on seventeen’ and all your other beloved songs. Watching The Sound of Music will transport you back to your childhood, and if you haven’t watched it yet then it is surely time that you did! Leaving the musical, we were met with crowds of people of all ages. So, bring along your children and their grannies and grandpas, because this is certainly a show for the whole family.

As a ticket holder for The Sound of Music, you can enjoy dinner before or after the show for 25% off at Aarya, Punchinello’s or Medeo. Take a relaxed meander down the cobblestones of Montecasino, head for a drink or try your luck at gambling in the first-class casino. Once you’re all tired out, the best part of Montecasino’s ‘Show and Stay’ experience is that you can have as many glasses of wine as you want, and then walk right ‘home’. Yay, for pretend living in Europe! Crawl into lavish sheets and sink your head into the pillows for a fantastic night’s rest.

The next day you will be treated to a feast of everything your heart could desire for breakfast. We could not believe our eyes at the assortment of delicacies on offer. Think delicious chocolate croissants, a selection of breads and jams, every type of fruit you could possibly desire, eggs, mushrooms, yogurts, cereals, hash browns…we could go on!

The ‘Show and Stay’ experience offers from up to 50% discount for a night’s accommodation at SunSquare Montecasino, Southern Sun Montecasino or The Palazzo if you’re going to see The Sound of Music. Hello Joburgers, can you really get a better deal for a night of fabulous fun and relaxation?

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