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Hello Joburg’s perfume of the month

Mar 2, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

We are over the moon about the Sì fragrances right now – especially their latest offering Sì Rose Signature.

The Sì woman is free, joyful, passionate and full of life. She is sensitive and strong, she is committed and says “si” to life, to love and to herself.

What better than the rose to incarnate this radiant multi-faceted femininity? Each spring the collector edition bottle of Sì Rose Signature transforms in homage to this sensual and luminous femininity.

The 2017 edition of the Sì Rose Signature bottle is adorned with a delicate, silky ribbon. Dyed a soft pink, it crosses to form the discreet décolleté of those majestic, perfectly draped haute couture gowns. Its centre, stamped in black like a piece of jewellery, underscores the dark purity of the Onyx cap with a base of shimmering gold rings.

Unchanged since its first edition in 2016, Sì Rose Signature Eau de Parfum May rose joins the ancestral purity of
Turkish rose in a sensual embrace. Powerful and delicate, this bouquet of freshness is illuminated by flashes of bergamot and mandarin. A light freesia accord blends with the juicy Blackcurrant Neo Jungle Essence™.

Sì Rose Signature is an ode to the opalescence of rose petals and femininity, and launched in February.

Sì EDP Rose Signature 100ml R 2 262.00
Sì EDP Rose Signature 50ml R 1 634.00

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