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Dec 5, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

With over 30 restaurants, we think it’s safe to say that The Zone has all of the culinary offerings one could ever hope for, making it the perfect spot to host Hello Joburg Magazine’s Eat the World Foodie Tour that took place last month. 


Our tour started off on a high note (literally) at the spectacular bar and restaurant at The Holiday Inn. Offering stunning views of the jacaranda trees and a glorious pool deck, it proved to be the ideal place to welcome our guests. It also provided a great backdrop for said guests, which included the likes of Dee Mandic (@thatstotallyfetch_sa), Sara Morshedi (@glamhousesa) and Jade Voges (@jade.voges) to snap some picture-perfect #OOTDs while enjoying the welcome drinks. 

Once everyone had arrived, we began our grand tour, starting with a stop at Mythos … or should we say Greece? Our influencers savoured halloumi, fresh salads, pita bread, falafels and Greek wine while soaking up the impeccable blue and white décor, reminiscent of a Santorini courtyard. The next seaside paradise themed stop was none other than Ocean Basket. Sharing platters brimming with calamari, fried squid heads and battered hake were the order of the day. Oh, and, of course, some more delicious wine!  


After our coastal jaunts, we were on to Piza ē Vino for an Italian feast – pizza with every kind of topping. With just one bite of the Pizza Colada or the La Greca we were whisked away to the streets of Italy … all that was missing was the Vespa! The sun was going down at this point and so we welcomed the evening with delicious cocktails and all-round good vibes.  

Dessert was served at Lexi’s Healthy Eatery, where the sunshine yellow décor provided yet another Instagrammable backdrop for our influencers’ photos. The vegan and gluten-free cakes went down a treat – not to mention how beautiful they were. Everyone was also extremely impressed by the pavlova, chocolate brownies and ice cream. The final indulgence was Lexi’s fruity smoothies; perhaps an unconventional nightcap but a fabulous way to end off a wonderful evening of great company and food, nonetheless. 

In the end, we set out to eat the world and eat the world is definitely what we did. It goes to show that whether you’re craving a taste of the Greek islands, the streets of Italy or anywhere else in the world, you needn’t plan a holiday – just a trip to The Zone.  


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