Here are four Victoria Falls bucket-list fantasies you can now turn into a reality

victoria falls with huge water view

1. Tackle the wild waters

The white-water rafting on the Zambezi has been described as the most exciting in the world and remains a draw-card for visitors looking for a once-off burst of adrenaline, as well as lifelong devotees to adventure sports. Excursions range from a morning in the waters of the Batoka Gorge to multi-day trips that combine fishing, game viewing and camping with braving the Zambezi.

2. Catch the Moonbow

The falls can send mist up to 800 meters in the air, which can be seen from up to 50 kilometers away. You might see multiple rainbows, a mesmerizing dance of colour in the sky. If you’re fortunate enough to visit the falls at full moon, there may be a moonbow, a rainbow lit by the full moon.

view of the falls from the air

3. Step off the edge

A number of operators offer a variety of adventure sports, including bridge swings, bungee jumps and zip-wire slides. All take full advantage of the chasm carved by the river and allow for stomach-swooping fun with a strong emphasis on safety.

victoria falls at sunrise

4. Get elevated in a forest

The mists of the falls have helped nurture the lush Batoka Forest with dense, hardwood riverine vegetation that’s a haven for a bounty of wildlife. The Vic Falls Canopy Tour offers a network of zipline slides, trails and rope-bridge walkways. You’ll be accompanied by guides and can expect to see a variety of animals.

victoria falls grass view

With British Airways operated by Comair now flying daily to Victoria Falls, there’s never been a better time to turn a bucket-list fantasy into reality!

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