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Here are our top 3 restaurant pasta dishes to warm your tummy

hands on a shef table making pasts

Our motto for the year: life is short, go back for seconds. Now because of a worldwide pandemic and something called Coronavirus we don’t get out much. However if we wear our masks, sit outdoors and social distance we can still be safe and secure. So if you’re willing to dine out and believe good food equals a good mood, these three pasta dishes are worth splurging on!

1. The Pappardelle beef short rib at Modena Italian Eatery

Holy moly, holy smokes and shut the front door because not only is this restaurant absolutely gorgeous, it lives up to its reputation and the food is actually delicious! We are currently crushing over this new Italian eatery in Parkhurst and there are so many reasons why. It’s incredibly rare to find a restaurant that has excellent service, tasty and value for money cuisine in an aesthetically pleasing space. Well guess what this is the spot!


Whether you order antipasti or risotto the dishes truly are jam packed with hearty flavor and only the finest ingredients are used. It is far rewarding eating a bowl of their short rib pasta for lunch because you immerse yourself  in the Italian culture sitting outside under the heavens in this charming setting. The pasta is slow cooked for 12 hours and it is mouthwatering belly filling goodness.

beef short rib pasta dish

Find them on 4th Avenue Parkhurst

2. The Beyond Meatball penne pasta from The Station Parkurst

Vegans rejoice because this one is for you. The Station Parkhurst have just introduced this brand new delectable pasta dish so we had to try it out for ourselves. Our first thought: yummy!


The pasta was perfectly al dente, chewy and firm and the spicy Arrabiata style sauce enveloped and finished off the dish beautifully. Italian pastas don’t always have to stick to tradition right, so this is an interesting take on the usual meatball pasta. The dish is vegan, utterly heavenly and tasty and yes it will give you a satisfying feeling of satiety. What also helps wash it all down is their impressive gin menu. They have over 160 gins to choose from.


#HelloRecommends you go for a gin tasting and then carbo load on pasta, it’s the perfect combination and you’ll leave the restaurant floating!

Crn 4th Ave & 10th Street Parkhurst

3. The Gnocchi with Truffle at Pomodoro Ristorante

Simply put, it’s the perfect pasta experience. Unfortunately this menu item was on their special menu list however we have no doubt if they are in stock they will ensure you get what you came for. This classic Italian style eatery is everything you would expect, sophisticated in style, appealing in cuisine and exceptional in flavour.Basically we could eat here once a week for the rest of time and order this same dish. All their pasta dishes gnocchit out the park, they’re outstanding because they’re experienced in their craft of classic food and skilled in their Italian style cooking.

You’ll never regret a dinner here, you’re likely to find yourself waddling home completely satisfied. So take that special someone order a bottle of rose and just enjoy being pampered all evening long.

Find them in the Morningside Shopping Centre


Find them at Morningside Shopping Centre on Rivonia Road

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