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Protecting your hair from the damage of the cold weather is possible.

Revlon Realistic Special Feelings suggests the following:
  1. Make use of protective hair styles to keep natural hair from being damaged by the winter air. These styles lower the chance of breakage and allows ends and strands to be tucked away.
  2. Trimming keeps natural hair looking great. The dry winter air can cause split ends, which should be trimmed when required.
    Use a product that is absorbed into the hair and can provide moisture.
  3. Enjoy a healthy diet and drink water to keep hair healthy and moisturised. Our hair will benefit from the nutrients in the healthy food promoting growth and shine, while the water will help to keep our bodies healthy and hair hydrated.
  4. During the night wear and sleep with a silk bonnet to keep in moisture and decrease the chance of friction, frizz and dryness.
    5.Stay away from heat. Steaming our hair to allow for moisture is a step that needs to be done, however, straightening hair with a hot iron or using a hot hairdryer can dry out your hair even more. Keep the hairdryer on cool to make sure that no further damage can be caused.
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