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How about a snow kissed holiday in the French Alps?

The Takeaway

I’m sure, like us , we through we would never be able to travel again. Well believe it or not, a snow kissed holiday in the French Alps is now a reality. In this article we’re going to take you on a journey of discovery and help you plan your next European trip

France as a destination is officially welcoming vaccinated individuals* from South Africa, and the French Alps is one of the most breath-taking places in the world; perfect for a snow escape to kick off your travel adventures. France is also a destination easy to reach with direct flights from South Africa on Air France.

A snow holiday can lead to a little anxiety when planning your trip, gear, visas, etc. But not fret the guys at Club Med have you covered. So we spoke to the Club Med team who are experts in all-inclusive French Alpine snow holidays. Here are some travel and planning tips they shared with us:

The best time to go

There are five main months (December-April) in the European snow season. If you have never gone skiing before, plan your trip to coincide with the European Spring snow season between March and April. Not only are the days longer and the weather warmer, but the slopes are less crowded allowing you to practice without being overwhelmed by hundreds of other skiers and snowboarders whizzing past.

Pre-slope prep

As a non-skier you might be keen on a snow holiday but are a bit daunted at the thought of learning to ski or snowboard. If that is the case, then a Club Med ski holiday is the best option with all-inclusive packages allowing for ski and snowboard gear hire and include lessons for all levels which means you can arrive a novice and return a pro! If you’re based in Johannesburg, get a few sessions in at The Slope in Fourways to get a feel for going down a slope at high speed.

Get the kids into skiing

If you want to share your love of skiing with your children, they can start to learn at a surprisingly young age. From the age of 4 years, kids can start learning to ski.

Ski or snowboard?

Some people prefer their mountain fun on one board rather than two planks. Quite a few enjoy both methods. For most people skiing feels more natural as you have room to maneuver both legs whereas snowboarding can feel rather restricted. However, if you are still new to snow sports, why not try both and see what sticks. Your holiday, your choices.

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