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IDEA are changing the face of education – through technology

Jul 27, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

We love a good idea, let’s be honest. And this might just be it! IDEA is an innovative series of digital education platforms designed to make dreams come true. From foundation phase to high school, IDEA is easy, exciting, accessible and based in the South and East African region. IDEA is the fresh new face for learning as we know it.

Let’s be honest – digital technology in education is the future – information at our fingertips – and IDEA is paving the way. IDEA will help shape awesome and exciting futures for young, ambitious children across the African continent.

IDEA is designed for educators and learners to enjoy a personalised, self-paced learning experience. IDEA is flexible, fun and interactive.

This new-age teaching technology is packaged into five comprehensive courses:


A peer-to-peer numeracy and literacy program utilising animations, interactive activities and stories to educate.

IDEA Primary

This Grades 4-6 program covers Science, Maths, English and Geography conveyed through investigative, interactive and engaging animations.

IDEA Secondary

This Grades 7-12 program integrates e-learning with formative assessments, 2D and 3D animations and relevant case studies for development in Science, English and Mathematics.

IDEA Parent

This pioneering tool allows parents to create the ideal environment for their child to expand their educational outcomes.


This solution, created for teachers and learners, incorporates learner management systems on both software and hardware in order to establish proficiency in digital teaching and learning.

IDEA is easily accessible to learners from all walks of life, with all subjects and unlimited use across Primary and Secondary school levels costing between just R1,900 to R2,500 per year.

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