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Indulge in nocturnal delights with the Gautrain

Jun 26, 2019, Author: Candice May

Don’t let the dark evenings fool you – the City of Gold is still very much alive at night. And, let’s be honest: until you’ve seen and experienced Joburg at night, you haven’t really seen Joburg. The Gautrain’s night lines make it easier to do just this. These are the very finest nightlife options on offer within a stumble of some of the stations.


Jazz it up a little

One music genre that’s currently thriving in our fair city is jazz – in all corners and every incarnation you can think of. While it’s always rewarding to check out a cutting-edge artist in a hip inner-city space, sometimes you just want a classier, more traditional jazz-club experience. Enter The Marabi Club. Just 2.6km from the Park Station Gautrain station, the venue is housed in the basement of Hallmark House boutique hotel and visible from the street by only a discreet black canopy above a metal door. The closest you’ll come to a jazz spot that harks back to the Harlem’s jazz clubs, The Marabi Club offers a combination of superb food, slick service, interiors that evoke a historical atmosphere and a moodily-lit stage on which a resident jazz band plays every night. Whether you’re a long-time jazz lover or a total newbie, you’re guaranteed to love it.

47 Sivewright Ave, New Doornfontein

010 591 2879

Facebook: @themarabiclub

Twitter: @themarabiclub


Vino you want to…

The world of wine can be pretty tricky from a layperson’s perspective, especially when you’re in a fancy restaurant poring over the wine list trying to convince the sommelier – and your better half – that you have any clue what you’re talking about. If you really want to tell your merlots from your malbecs, head to Publik Wine Bar, a mere 1.2km from the Rosebank Gautrain station. Natural or biodynamic, Old World or New, this neighbourhood wine bar focused on more unusual and interesting wines is great for a drop of the good stuff. It’s just the place to discover quality, lesser-known wines served by a knowledgeable team and the best part is that the list changes regularly, so you can try something new each time you visit. By the time you leave, you’ll know how to slosh, swill sip and spit like a pro!

2 Bolton Road, Rosebank

Facebook: @publikboltonroad

Twitter: @publikwine

Instagram: @publikwine


It’s only rock ‘n roll, baby!

We know, most Joburgers avoid Nelson Mandela Square, but Hard Rock Café is nirvana for little music fans raised on Beatles and the Stones. Take a short 350m stroll from the Sandton Gautrain station to the iconic music restaurant, where you’ll ooh and ahh over the marble bar that takes prominence and the memorabilia filling the walls while you wait for your table. Come for the Hurricane cocktail, stay for the vibe and just move right in for the cheeseburger topped with Jameson bacon jam and Guinness cheese sauce. Healthier food options such as salads, grilled chicken and beef cuts are available too. The music is loud and the beats are rockin’ – even the most cynical Joburgers will be air-drumming and chair-dancing like a two-year-old.

Nelson Mandela Square, 8 Maude Street, Sandton

011 784 3144

Facebook: @hrcjohannesburg

Instagram: @hardrockcafejohannesburg

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