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Dolci Bar and Pizzeria Hello Joburg

Although this restaurant technically isn’t new, it launched pre-COVID lockdown, which didn’t give us much time to experience their offering. Dolci Café is undoubtedly one of the best Italian restaurants in Jozi, and it’s always been short of one vital Italian offering – pizza. Enter Dolci Bar and Pizzeria, the restaurant’s extension boasts not only the most delicious pies in town but a glorious new bar, too. 

When the shop next to Dolci Café became available, ownerchef Jackie Righi-Boyd and her husband Clayton Boyd knew it was their chance to extend their restaurant’s offerings. This led them to partner with the O’ver Pizza team headed by Miss SA 2019 finalist, Lisa Stofella as well as self-taught baker and chef, Hamed Youseff and Reem Khami … and Dolci Bar and Pizzeria was born. 

Like Dolci Café, the pizzeria is yet another unmissable culinary experience. Rather than making overcomplicated pizzas littered with toppings, which are a dime a dozen in this city, the new spot offers diners a choice of seven classic pizzas that are perfect in their simplicity. On the menu is the Antica Margherita, Diavola Piccante, Contadina, Calzone, Francese and O’ver – all made on a thin base and oven fired. Plus, the toppings are made in-house with local ingredients. 

Hamed Youssef Dolce Cafe
Hamed Youssef

For those who long for true Italian style pizzas that are modest in ingredients but bold in taste, we recommend the Antica Margherita topped with fior di latte (a semi-soft fresh cheese made in the style of Italian mozzarella), Italian tomatoes and basil. If you’re after something slightly more complex, the Francese will leave you more than satisfied with its mouth-watering flavour combination of smoked mozzarella, crisp lamb bacon, caramelised onion and berry balsamic reduction. However, we have to admit that the O’ver is a firm favourite, as it combines two of the best things in life: Smoked salmon and pizza. Seriously, how much better could it get?  

Although the pizzas are the main attraction, the new bar shouldn’t be overlooked … and nor should the cocktailsProsecco Negronis, Strawberry Mojitos and our top pick, Jackie’s Painkiller made with gin, elderflower and lime, are just some of the impressive sippers on offer. And as for the bar snacks? Well, let’s just say you can definitely rule out the possibility of peanuts! Think, insteadfried chicken wings, pork ribs, crispy cauliflower florets and French fries smothered in truffle salt.

The actual space is also worth mentioningas it boasts a stunning marble bar that occupies almost the entire length of the room. Behind the bar is a statement jade green wall with a narrow doorway to Dolci Café. The interiors are trendy and modern compared with the more classic interiors of Dolce Café, but homey touches like the stunning greenery dotted throughout the room and the vintage photographs hung on the facebrick wall opposite the bar give it a relaxed feel. Of course, the signature O’ver Pizza oven is also in sight.  

Dolci Bar and Pizzeria is a welcome addition to the City of Gold’s restaurant scene, and one that we can imagine will become a staple for locals. Whether it’s Friday night drinks with a group of friends, a romantic dinner for two or a midweek treat, this new spot is guaranteed to become your go-to place to grab a slice. We know it’s ours! 

Lancaster Village, 27 Clarence Avenue, Craighall Park


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