Kamiki whisky has arrived in SA

May 17, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Japanese whisky? Yes indeed. Kamiki is the latest Asian blended malt to hit South African shores. It’s got the looks, tastes fantastic and has a background worthy of a little brag too.

It’s kind of the stuff that Bill Murray movies are made of, you know Hello Joburgers – all hipster drinks trolleys and whatnot – and TBH it’s so retro cool we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Back to the background…

Nara, is Japan’s city of temples. In fact, the eight main ancient temples in the city form a UNESCO World Heritage Site – but there are countless others too. This one time capital of Japan is also, significantly, the home of Kamiki.

In fact, Nara is known for being the base of the country’s most acclaimed whisky-producing families. They’ve been at the job for centuries and have their own specific Shinto shrine. The whisky they produced serves as a blessing at this, the Omiwa Shrine, which is nestled at the foot of city’s Mount Miwa in an extraordinary forest of hallowed pines, cypresses and cedars. It’s these cedar trees, the Yoshino Sugi, that the casks used to make Kamiki are fashioned from.

What’s happening here…

From the first sip you will get the unusual but alluring cedar wood coming through on the nose and palette. You may also get a hint of tropical fruits, banana and pineapple.

It’s got a softness, a playfulness – and honestly, you just want to keep drinking it. As owner of Bottega Whiskey Saverio Cardillo puts it, “this is Japanese experimentation that has really worked and I think, in years to come, a lot more people will be using Japanese cedar. The aromatic spiced wood – it’s phenomenal. And then you add ice to it and it soften and becomes so mellow”.

Where is it at?

Kamiki is available from Bottega Whiskey for R799. It is also available from other exclusive outlets nationwide.

For more information check them out here…

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