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Keep your kitchen sparkling with Earthsap’s eco-friendly cleaning essentials

Feb 14, 2020, Author: Candice May

We’re becoming more and more environmentally conscious (rightly so), so it seems appropriate that we start thinking of ways to bring natural, organic cleaning into our favourite place in the home: The kitchen. We tried and tested some of Earthsap’s eco-friendly cleaning essentials made with naturally derived, safe, nontoxic and biodegradable ingredients – here’s what we thought. 


Kitchen Cleaner 

Tackle grimy surfaces throughout your kitchen with this kitchen cleaner formulated to dissolve grease and grime on all kitchen surfaces, naturally and safely. This cleaner combines naturally derived ingredients for a natural way to get rid of kitchen messes. It’s great on all surfaces, including cooker tops, work surfaces, sinks and tiles. Plus, it has a spray nozzle that makes for faster and easier cleaning … and we love the scents! 

R63 from Wellness Warehouse or online at 


Dishwashing Liquid 

Naturally powered by plant extracts, this dishwashing liquid’s formula is highly concentrated and requires just a few drops for a full sink of dirty dishes. Not only does it last a long time and get your dishes sparkling clean, it also has gentle aloe extracts to help keep your hands smooth and protected and the refreshing scent helps make the dishwashing experience a success. It’s also available in apple and pear scent as well as a tea tree and orange scented antibacterial and antifungal variant. 

R50 from Wellness Warehouse or online at 


Cream Scrub All-Purpose Cleaner 

This deliciously fruity apple and pear all-purpose cleaner is like your more traditional Handy Andy that works without leaving a thick residue to rinse away. It degreases and removes obstinate stains without scratching as well as removes mould and mildew. We love that this product lets you care for the environment while you clean everything from sinks and tubs, to pots pans, to counters and stovetops. It’s a fab first step in trying to remove toxins from cleaning products! 

R44 from Wellness Warehouse or online at 

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