Lady to tech to feed your soul this Women’s Month

Aug 1, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Entertainment and tech that’s a little more lady inclined is what we have on offer this month. We’ve hunted down some essential apps, Netflix shows, fun spots on the internet and a book that every future girl boss should read. 

Deep breaths 

Rocking that power suit and heels while mentally juggling after-school schedules and trying to squeeze in a romantic break with hubby can take its toll. Which is why, if you tend to suffer from anxiety when looking at your schedule you need to download Clementine. Available on iOS, this app focuses on four life areas: sleep, confidence, de-stress and mantras. Select a session depending on how you’re feeling, tailor make the mantra lengths to suit your time limits (you can easily fit in a 5-minute listening session) and schedule positive mantras to be pushed to you throughout the day for an extra boost. Clementine is a great mini mind boost. 


Track your period … and everything else 

We found this great app called Clue which is, arguably one of the better period tracking apps on the app store. Available for iOS and Android, all you need to do is notify the app the day your period begins. The app does the rest. After one or two cycles Clue can notify you of when to expect our friend Flow and can also begin to assist you with tracking energy levels, digestion, skin changes and even when your appetite might fluctuate based on your cycle. Clue is also able to tell you when you’re most fertile. 


How to raise confident girls 

How to raise confident girls is the title of the free ebook you can receive from the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls website – which is also the spot you want visit to order this inspiring book that should be on your daughter’s shelf. The book features 100 bedtime stories about the lives of 100 inspiring women in history. 60 female artists from all over the world also contributed to illustrate these stories and bring them to life. The book will have young girls aspiring to be the next nuclear physicist with quirky yet positive role models they can relate to. You can find the book at  


Watch this 

It’s stressful being a lady. So why not pamper yourself with a well-deserved Netflix hibernation station? We’re talking about pulling out all the stops. Hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course), your favourite faux fur blanket, hot water bottle, face mask, slippers, robe, snacks and all. Treat yourself to a well-deserved pamper sesh while you binge on all your favourite girly Netflix shows. Our top picks are Friends, Gossip Girl, Orange Is The New Black, Queer Eye, Gilmore Girls and 13 Reasons Why. 


Google this 

Joburg based blogger Le Famished Cat recently popped up on our radar. If you spend all your time on the internet this blog is definitely worth a visit. Her site is filled with delicious recipes and food inspirations that you can easily prepare at home. She’s also an aspiring entrepreneur who recently started a small business selling copper straws as a means to try help the environment. Whether you’re on the anti-plastic train or want to find a gluten-free brownie recipe – you need to visit  

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