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Let the chickens fly with Rosto’s new menu options

Jul 13, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

We love Rosto’s in Linden – the concept of their restaurant has us impressed every time we go there, and they have just added a host of yummy new dishes on to their menu, even better we say! Their chickens are organic and additive free, and you are guaranteed the best and tasty birds every time.

With a host of delicious new dishes added to its menu, Rosto in Linden is aiming to offer fresh new options for comfort food this winter.

And is that’s what you are after, and also dishes that are made with exceptional quality and a fresh dining concept in Italian food, then look no further, and the new menu is just great for the colder winter months.

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“We typically associate Italian food with pizza and pasta, but at Rosto we’ve turned that idea on its head, offering food that is both comforting and completely different,” explains founder of Rosto Lance Littlefield. “Rosto’s menu delivers on flavour, freshness and offers dishes that aren’t necessarily laden with carbs, though we do say that a fresh piece of focaccia to share is never a bad thing.”

New dishes added to the menu include six varieties of Polpette, meatballs of every flavour served in a wholesome tomato sugo and accompanied with crusty ciabatta and a new Thursday pork concept.

Diners can now too tuck into a hot serving of Porchetta on Thursday evenings, when ROSTO slowly cooks a whole deboned pig, rolled with rosemary, sage, roasted fennel, garlic and white wine.

“Whatever isn’t snapped up on Thursdays, is used the following day for ROSTO’s Deconstructed Porchetta Salad or Flying Pig Focaccia, a perfect lunch-time option for eat-in and takeaway,” says Littlefield.

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“Our chickens are meatier than any other eatery serving rotisserie-style chicken,” explains Littlefield, “We opt to provide much larger portions to our diners, allowing for family-style meals that encourage sharing. Some have said our prices are higher, but it’s because we’re committed to providing so much more per plate!”

While you are there, make sure to try the Aperitea cocktails, a great new concept from Italy that uses speciality tea bags to infuse spirits before topping up with soda or lemonade. If you’re looking for something without the kick, Rosto’s Gassosa or lemon craft soda’s are sure to refresh!

For more info and details visit their website here

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