Level up at office chit-chat with our top entertainment picks

May 21, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Working in a big corporate environment or even a smaller boutique business filled with successful and seemingly smart people can be a bit overwhelming – especially around the water cooler. But did you know you can use your downtime to level up? This month we’ve found some interesting and different forms of fun to entertain you, but also add to your confidence and knowledge bank. You’ll rock it regardless of whether you’re in the open plan or at dinner with new clients.


Must try: Detective Pikachu

Ever toddled outside the office for some fresh air only to see groups of your work colleagues together in a circle furiously staring (and tapping!) at their phones? You might have been confused in the past but now you can join in the fun. They’re playing Pokemon Go. A game that took over the world a few years ago. To really understand the game, you need to understand the Pokemon fascination – and with the new Detective Pikachu movie dropping on May 9th you’ll be introduced to the wonderfully fun world of Pokemon. Voiced by none other than Deadpool himself, Ryan

Reynolds, the movie follows Pokemon Pikachu as he tries to help a young man understand his father’s disappearance. The movie will introduce you to a bunch of famous Pokemon and by the end of it, you’ll want to download the mobile game and get in on the action!


Must read: The Physics Behind…

This is such a useful book to have on your bedside table. Written by Russ Swan, the book explains the science behind pretty much everything. From relatively simple topics like understanding why your work colleague’s Wi-Fi is faster than yours to more complex discussions like how the weather in space works and why. Each explanation is paired with fun illustrations and takes just a few minutes to read through. You’ll be clued up no matter the situation.

Must visit:

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the first step to walking into the boardroom and nailing that big pitch. But sometimes it’s difficult to not poke the flabby bits or feel disheartened when you scroll through Instagram posts of women who seemingly have their stuff together. That’s why Kandidly Kerry is the perfect site to visit once a week. The South African body positive blogger posts regular content that helps you dress for the body you have and love it regardless. Her content is fun, positive and will remind you that you’re just as kick-ass as any of those ladies on Instagram.


Must watch: Kandy Kane on YouTube

Once Kerry has made you feel confident in your body, why not pop over to Kandy Kane’s YouTube channel for some makeup inspiration? The South African makeup artist has a host of videos where she tests out the latest cosmetics and makeup offerings as well as some easy to follow tutorials to help you funk up your work look. Her channel is neatly broken up into tutorials, budget shopping suggestions and a few funny vlogs thrown in for good measure. So, you’ll be able to get your fix of this quirky Afrikaans makeup artist.

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