The top airline in South Africa right now and yes you get more bang for your buck

View of plane in the clouds

Lift your spirits this year and fly with Lift Airline.

This has to be one of the very best airlines right now in South Africa, it really is in a league of its own and we had the opportunity to experience what it is like flying with this new flexible airline. And in conclusion the only thing better than flying with Lift is flying first class.

Check in

Already with a sterling reputation for world class service, Lift Airlines had very high expectations to uphold.

This brand new airline is exactly what South Africans need right now, that travel has resumed and Corona is almost over (holding thumbs).

Departing from Johannesburg to Cape Town in December was a breeze, we waited maybe five minutes in the queue but most important we were welcomed with a smile. The staff at Lift is what stands out the most, they’re committed, professional, helpful and so hospitable.

Check in was smooth, they asked the usual security questions and bonus you’re allowed a whopping 23kg baggage.

So off we went into the Slow Lounge for pre-flight snacks and a little G&T.

The flight

Piecing together the flight is rather challenging because there were so many highlights. Its most useful to note how updated their product is.

The first spotlight you’ll notice when you board the Airbus A320 Aircraft is being greeted with a beaming smile. The flight attendants are next level efficient and they truly are passionate about their craft oh and they also look super slick and chic while doing it. They’re dressed by Superbalist and epitomize the definition of cool with fashionable black jeans, a black collared shirt and trendy white sneakers. You’ll expect to exit leave flight with a best friend forever.

Let us now get into the seating. This is without a doubt one of the best seats in the sky, the airplanes are top of the line, so clean, sparkling new and just well kept.

But the cherry on top has to be the enormous space and leg room. For an economy class flight it seems rathe illegal to be able to enjoy such spacious comfort and have such value for money. The black leather seats are satisfyingly comfortable and there is no doubt you will be snug. Oh and there are also wider cabins which allow for an even more pleasant domestic travel journey.

There probably isn’t a better venue for a vida e cuppa or a double craft gin. Imagine that? Well guess what that’s exactly what you can expect (all included in the ticket price). The cabin attendants will ensure you’re taken care of throughout the flight.

And you won’t believe us but they even offer a milk alternative on board, yip oat milk with your vida e cafe thousands of metres up in the clouds. We were definitely on cloud 9 especially when served their delicious grumpy dry roasted or chocolate coated chickpea snacks.

Oh and there is even an orchid in the bathrooms with a beautiful elegant display of hand wash and lotions, almost feels like being in a five star hotel bathroom.

Now if you wanna spend about 15% more you can get exclusive VIP service, so this means you will sit in the first front three rows of the aircraft, with a seat in between you and the next passenger. You have options of high-end beverages; Juliette Sauvignon Blanc, Boshendal Nicholas, Monkey Shoulder, Suncamino and even a Glenmorangie single malt. You will also have access to your own private butler who will cater to your every need while on board.

So worth the splurge.

The overall flight experience

Not only is this one of the best flight experiences we’ve ever had but this airline just lifts your mood. This is how flying should look in 2022.

Finally an airline that is the definition of uber cool advanced luxury.

There really aren’t any weaknesses to mention, from departure to check in, to arrival, to departing the craft, it was a swift, serene, soaring experience.

They also ran on time the entire journey there and on the return flight from Cape Town to Joahnnesburg.

Above & beyond

1. The service is so exceptional the flight attendant even reminds you to be careful before opening the sparkling water.

2. Seconds are always welcome.

3. When departing from Cape Town to Johannesburg, at the check in counter, the attendant changed our seat to ensure we had an aisle seat as requested.

4. We flew to and from Cape Town and on both flights had a seat to spare in between us. Winning!

5. With Lift airline they offer flexible travel, this means, you can change or cancel flights at the click of a button, at no extra cost. We changed our flights twice, and it was the easiest process.

6. If you do cancel, note you’ll get a 100% refund to your LIFT Wallet to use when it suits you.

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