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Local author releases entrepreneurship book

Mar 28, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

A local Joburg author, Jodene Shaer, has written an entrepreneurship book with a unique twist – instead of focusing solely on a topic such as business or personal growth (which many do tend to do – even though entrepreneurs need to realise that they are their business, and their health and personal wellness is vital too) Jodene combined the two in to a useful book called The Holistic Entrepreneur.

She teaches her formula to conscious business, developed over twenty years of entrepreneurship. The book shares her tools to focusing on self-worth over net worth, replacing business models with intuition and strategy with striving for happiness.

In her book Jodene Shaer explains “You have an idea, you have the skills you have everything you need for a happy and successful business life. So what’s stopping you?” In this book you’ll learn the simple steps that will enable you to balance the demands of an entrepreneurial business lifestyle, with the need to nurture the person at the centre of it all – You.

· Your goal versus your purpose
· Your business plan versus your happiness plan
· Your financial worth versus your self-worth

What people are saying:

“I was captivated and inspired by the narration, which is an invitation to be brave and allow the universe to bring back what I put out there. Herein you leave a legacy… we are forever thankful…” “Whether or not you see yourself as an entrepreneur, there will be something for you in this untraditional self-help book. It’s a sensitive and empathetic road map for self-discovery.” Sam Cowen – Author, Radio Host and TV Personality

“The stacks of unfinished books around the office and at home seem to grow continuously, but this clever book has found its way – thoroughly enjoyed and reread – to the top of the pile.” Rick Alan – MC and Director, The ProduXion House.

The Holistic Entrepreneur is available to purchase on Amazon and will be sold in select stores across SA.

Visit for more info on Jodene and her book.

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