Local fashion brands you just have to check out

Sep 9, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

We hate to say it, but when it comes to shopping, local brands aren’t exactly the first thought to cross our minds. But maybe they should be. Seriously, there are so many homegrown companies producing stunning clothes right on our shores. And they’re just waiting to be discovered!  


Back to basics   

When it’s basics you’re after, look no further than Hannah Lavery. This brand understands the importance of having high-quality essentials, such as a great pair of pants or a stylish camisole to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. Their garments are simple yet sophisticated and are the kind of thing that will last you for many years to come. Another amazing thing about the brand is that they support slow fashion, making them a great starting point if you’re looking to create a minimal closet or capsule wardrobe. The Hannah Lavery studio is located in Cape Town and everything is made by a team of local women. They also have a store on 4th Avenue in Parkhurst and a gorgeous website for online shopping.   


Twitter: @hannahl_sa   


Keep it casual  

If you’re more of a T-shirt and jeans kinda gal (or guy), Pretty Casual is the brand for you. With a wide selection of comfy yet beautiful pieces, this brand offers the best outfits for those ‘off-duty’ days. From flowery doodles to quirky turtles, their fun designs can’t help but put a smile on our faces. The 90s inspired T-shirts, golfers and dungarees all have a kind of warm nostalgia about them. They’re the sort of the thing you could just throw on, but still feel good in. Plus, the clothes are unisex. Pretty Casual is a small brand that was started by Jess Katz in 2017, but it’s definitely one worth checking out.   

Facebook: @prettycasual   

Instagram: @prettycasual_ct   


Embrace the sea(son)  

Satiate all your jewellery needs with Dear Rae. The brand was launched in 2010 by designer Karin Rae Matthee and has some of the most spectacular jewellery we’ve ever seen. They have a number of collections, but Ode to the Ocean is by far our favourite. The inspiration for this collection comes from the sea and the mysteries that lie beneath its surface, so it’s no wonder that all of the pieces are oh-so-whimsical. What makes this collection even more special is that 5% of its profits will be donated to ocean conservation. Each piece is handcrafted by Karin and her team and is available in a choice of sterling silver, gold or rose gold. They also offer a custom design service for wedding and engagement rings.   

Instagram: @dearrae   

Sleeping beauties  

Putting on a pair of new pyjamas may well be the best feeling in the world. Plus, it’s a known fact that you spend a third of your life sleeping, so you may as well look good while you’re doing it. That’s why we adore luxury loungewear brand, BENA. Their sleepwear is influenced by classic tailoring and luxury fabrics and just screams elegance. Xan Fraser is the founder of the company and made sure to keep the modern-day working woman in mind when creating the dreamy pieces. That’s why the feminine garments are designed to look every bit as good outside the bedroom, as they do in it.   

Facebook: @benalongewear   

Instagram: @benaloungewear   


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