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Love your Body…ology!

Jan 31, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

Have you heard about Bodyology? Bodyology is an exclusive range of beauty tools, skincare products & body beautifiers for people all over the world.

While their aim is to keep products entirely natural, they offer the healthiest and safest beauty and skincare options, all while being 100% cruelty free. Bodyology founder and owner, Sammy Massyn, give us all the details…

What inspired you to start Bodyology?

I’d gone for chemical tooth whitening. The results were good, but it was expensive and painful for my sensitive gums. I’ve kept an eye on natural ingredients from a young age, so I started looking at natural alternatives to whiter teeth. I discovered Activated Charcoal and was so excited about it. The idea of having one product quickly turned into a whole range.

What makes Bodyology products different?

The main ingredient in most of our products is activated charcoal. This isn’t the charcoal from your braai. It’s from coconut or macadamia nut shells. The benefits are amazing and we’ve centred our range around this phenomenal ingredient. Instead of offering a ton of ineffective products, we’ve kept the range small and effective.

Any expansion plans for the future?

There’s so many products we can create while sticking to our desired natural ingredient list. We’re testing an Eyebrow & Eyelash Serum made from natural oils that work to thicken and lengthen brows & lashes. We’re also excited about the warmer weather so we can test our second addition, an all-natural Cacao Tanning Oil for deliciously bronzed skin – it’s 100% natural!

BODYOLOGY Blotting Paper  BODYOLOGY Konjac Sponge BODYOLOGY Soap Block(1)

Hello Joburg LOVES:

Blotting Paper – Made from Hemp fibres, these micro sheets of absorbent paper draw up excess oil from the face. No more clogged pores or oily skin. Limited edition product for summer. R60

Konjac Sponge – Made from natural Konjac plant fibres, this sponge exfoliates skin. FYI, it’s also bio-degradable! R135

Soap Block – This will be your new favourite! Gentle enough for the entire family to use, but definitely effective. R100


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