Ethos Mediterranean Restaurant Sandton

After opening their doors in late 2019, this Mediterranean style eatery is one-upping its competitors.  With it’s contemporary offering, first of its kind experience and unique alore, the up scale restaurant is in a league of its own.

We’ve had the joy of eating at Ethos on several occasions and thought we’d try our best to convey our journey to you through this mouth-watering article… Enjoy!

Stunning interior

Designed by the owners son, Giorgio Tatsakis (a 20 something Rockstar designer) the soothing holiday style and beachy feel is what first grabs your attention, followed by the positively polished, sparkling clean space. A hedonistic aura pervades the atmosphere but interestingly it is not as you would expect it to be; neither imposing nor self-indulgent but rather elegant and sensual with earthy tones, wooden elements and all natural surroundings. Yes you’ll find the influencer-heavy dinner guest and the gold chained flashman but you wont be too perturbed because your focus will be on the remarkably cosmopolitan, Mediterranean inspired, minimalistic design oh and the food.

Bohemian bar & cocktails to die for

Remember to inhale and take a deep breath at the bar. This is the first masterpiece you’ll be mesmerised by because it is this paper mache, paintbrush-swooshed type mural that acts as the warm welcome to the space. This is the spot from which we could all benefit, after work drinks with the lads, a first tinder date, a romantic soiree for two over espresso martinis or a simple solo Old Fashioned at the bar. Ensure you tickle your taste buds with their tapas menu and order the Wagyu tacos.

Mediterranean inspired, contemporary dishes

Upon entering the dining space mmmmmmm, yummy, oooooh are some of the echoes you’ll hear from your neighbour dining at the adjacent table. You’ll also constantly be peering over to the next persons table, thinking I have to order that, then alternating your decision when you see the next dish exiting the kitchen. Sophisticated plating techniques and aesthetically pleasing artistic designs ensure all your senses are captivated. Dishes come served in earthy-raw toned bountiful bowls and plates. You will unashamedly imagine eating it all by the spoonful…

Now the dish of the year that we are referring to is the Coal Grilled Ostrich. You mind as well end your meal right here because it’s the bee’s knees- subtly sharp with a hint of sweetness, neither overbearing nor too sugary but the perfect balance. These tender cubes of ecstasy are coated in dukkah, date and tamarind labneh with walnuts, pickled berries, port jus and then entirely smothered with a glaze of pomegranate beetroot.

Ensure you familiarise yourself with the starters too because the stunning salads, raw starters and Burrata cheese only adds to the menu’s allure- served with colourful stoned fruit and a roasted rosemary and garlic dressing, this soft stringy curd just begs to be devoured.

The desserts are rather unusual with offerings of semolina orange and honey cake, lemon and cardamom custard and dark chocolate and red wine ice cream and finally the famous kataifi; wrapped buttered crispy dough bathed in rose and cardamom glaze served with a dollop of lemon and cream cheese icing- a serendipitous creation.

No matter what mood you’re in visiting this five-star restaurant will challenge your ethos while satisfying your every craving.

Ethos chocolate dessert

Shop 5, Sandton Court, 183 Rivonia Road, Morningside


Check out the Ethos directory listing for more information and to reserve your next table.

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