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Meet Shabeer Jhetam: CEO of The Glass Recycling Company

Jul 30, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

“Passionate” is the first word that comes to mind upon meeting CEO of The Glass Recycling Company, Shabeer Jhetam.

Seldom do you meet a CEO of a company who believes so fervently in the business he leads and in the lifestyle he endorses. Shabeer uses his vast knowledge of the South African recycling industry to educate everyone he meets on the importance and impact of recycling on our economy, our environment, and the livelihoods of those touched by it.


In 2006, he made a strategic career move and took on the responsibility of driving and heading up The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC), a company committed to increasing glass recycling in South Africa whilst uplifting impoverished communities through job creation and skills development in the recycling sector.

“We decided to run the Art for Glass Graffiti Competition and doing something a little different this year. By refreshing a few of our large glass banks with colourful art done by our graffiti finalists, they will become more visible, catching the eye of would-be recyclers and will ultimately become the starting point for more conversations on social media around glass recycling,” says TGRC CEO, Shabeer Jhetam.


“We want to bring the fun into recycling and want people to feel that recycling is something cool they can do. Beyond having their Instagram-worthy artwork immortalised on a glass bank in Joburg, the top three competition entrants will also win amazing prizes, including cash prizes worth R 60 000, with the 1st prize being R30 000, 2nd prize amounting to R20 000 and 3rd prize nabbing the talented entrant a cool R10 000,” Jhetam concluded.

As the industry leader in this area he believes in the infinite potential of glass to make a real and positive contribution to society, and so he and his team are focused on bringing the value of glass recycling to life, through enabling and inspiring communities to adopt positive recycling behaviors.

Shabeer knows TGRC needs to have an influence on people when they are about to discard a bottle. “At that precise moment we need them to think about the importance and value of glass, and to consider recycling it instead.” he concludes.


Facebook: @theglassrecyclingco

Twitter: @TGRC

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