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Meet The Restaurateur Sean Barber from Rockets

Dec 19, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion; and with restaurateur Sean Barber, the passion is palpable.

An experienced Chartered Accountant, in 2007, Sean decided to follow a career path that created value, and began his love affair with restaurateuring. Sean unleashed his individual expression as he curated the first unforgettable experience for everyone who’s had the pleasure of visiting Rockets.

The name was inspired by an underground bar in Putney. Built upon a foundation of rose quartz, passion, and a handful of key ingredients, Rockets is an inspired space where industrial meets natural.

With fresh fusion food prepared daily, the blend of cuisines ensures there’s something for everyone, with a sophisticated spin on the classics. The Rockets’ Chef’s Expression Session presents a page in the menu, rotated on a bi-weekly basis, where young chefs have the chance to inspire a plate from the grill, light meal, salad or dessert.

From suits to slip slops, Rockets boasts an eclectic clientele, and is powered by a committed team who’ll do anything to keep their customers coming back. Teamwork makes the dream work, and the Rockets vision is to branch out of food and create a coveted lifestyle brand inthe future.

For Sean, restaurateuring provides daily rewards. He believes you can tell a lot about a restaurant from the cappuccinos that they serve. Rockets takes great pride in the quality of their beans and milk, as well as their barista training, and the communication between the bar and the waiter, to ensure that the perfect cappuccino is served.


T: 011 880 6102

Credits – Taryn Louch

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