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Meet Yellow – M&M’s mascot

Oct 25, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

The world’s most shareable candy has a new flavour! That’s right – M&M’s has brought out a new Salted Caramel edition. These bite-sized snacks are made of a soft and luscious caramel centre, covered in delicious milk chocolate and enclosed in a colourful candy shell. In celebration of this new launch, we chatted to Yellow, the M&M’s mascot for the new flavour, to find out what life is like as an M&M and to get some more details on the new release. Spoiler alert: He’s a big sweetie! 


Describe a day in the life of an M&M. 

Being an M&M’s mascot is awesome, dude! Ever wondered what it would be like spending every day with your best bud doing fun things? Well, that’s exactly what it’s like to be an M&M’s mascot. I pretty much get to hang out with Red all day, which is awesome ’cause he’s my best bud. And we do fun stuff like go to the movies, movie premiers and swimming, or whatever Red decides we’re going to do, I guess. Oh yeah … and have fun. We always have loads of fun!  

What’s the best thing about being an M&M? 

Uh? I’d have to say … getting to hang out with Red every day! And doing cool stuff. 

What’s the worst thing about being an M&M? 

Well, there was that one time that Red yelled at me … but that’s just Red sometimes, you know? Like I said, being an M&M’s mascot is awesome so there’s nothing ‘worst’. 


What do you think about the new salted caramel flavour? 

I love new flavours – we’re so super-excited about it! I think SA is in for a real sweet treat. *chuckles* 

Tell us a bit more about the new flavour. 

All I know is it has a chewy centre and it’s pretty delicious. You can get the new flavour at all major retailers nationwide. Oh, and it’s a limited edition.    


What’s the best way to eat M&M’s?   

Any way you want. It’s all good. It’s the world’s most shareable snack so my guess is to share it? I like to share mine with Red. What’s pretty cool is that Drizzle & Dip, The Sweet Rebellion and Angie Batis will be sharing some tasty recipes, so those will be fun ways to eat them too.  

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