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Motivate, inspire and equip your sales team for success!

May 16, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Over the past 9 years SalesGuru Live events have become known as the most exciting live sales events on the SA calendar (well, we think so). They happen annually in February, June and September in Joburg, Cape Town and Joburg.

SalesGuru Live believes that anyone in sales continually looks for additional motivation, inspiration and real-world sales skills that can increase their success.

With this in mind, they focus on finding the best speaking talent, who deliver fast-paced, high-impact presentations, which are packed full of content in a fun and entertaining format.

If you are looking for engaging half-day sessions for your sales team to motivate, inspire and equip them for success, SalesGuru Live events are the perfect fit for you and your sales team!


5, 6 & 7 June 2019

Speaker 1: Quinton Coetzee: “If You’re Not Hunting, You’re Being Hunted!”

Over 3000 presentations – 40 countries – 5 continents – 24 years “Hall of Fame” PSASA

Quinton demonstrates how Mother Nature herself is the author of the most definitive guide to personal, sales and business success that one can find anywhere in the world today. Using spectacular visuals of wildlife and the tribes of Africa.

His unforgettable analogies vividly drive home the necessity to get ‘Back to Basics’. He proves that enhanced performance, continuous improvement and ultimate success can only be achieved once ‘The Basics’ are firmly in place.


Speaker 2: Mark Keating: Rejection proof selling

As long as salespeople have been selling, salespeople have been REJECTED.

This rings true regardless of what you sell, how you sell it or what industry you sell to. Your relationship with the word “NO” has the biggest impact on your sales success.

The fear of rejection continues to be the number 1 fear in sales. This fear holds sales people back from achieving true levels of success and enjoyment in the amazing sales profession. Too often sales people are sabotaging their own success because of their fear of the simple word “NO”.

During this powerful keynote, learn how objections are not rejections and the best way to engage when these are raised.



R1199 excluding vat per seat


Johannesburg – 5 June 2019

Durban – 6 June 2019

Cape Town – 7 June 2019

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