New and Noteworthy – Welcome Wellness Warehouse

Jun 5, 2017, Author: Bianca Spinner

There’s a new kid on the block – well, two to be exact. Wellness Warehouse has expanded and launched more stores in Parktown Quarter and Thrupps Centre, Illovo. We can’t wait to clink our pink smoothies and indulge in the benefits of this wellness community.

Here’s some (un)surprising news… sugar is bad for you. These days, we’re so in tune with our bodies and connected to oodles of information, that there is a need for places like Wellness Warehouse.

What we love the most is that’s it’s a one-stop shop. Grab a smoothie and hemp seed wrap whilst ticking off your weekly shopping list at the grocer, and then buying your fave organic beauty products and vitamins.

WW is a health inspired, down-to-earth society that we’re delighted to be a part of. We probably still indulge in Fat Friday at the office, but we’ll make healthier choices – especially with their selection of local, imported and organic goodies in store. Expect an extensive variety of health foods like activated charcoal, dairy alternatives, superfoods, grains and legumes, sauces, spices and functional foods.

Pop into the Wellness Café and try the Fatty Boom Boom Smoothie. Firstly – that name! Secondly, it’s downright delicious (and nutritious)! This peanut butter, coconut water and milk, banana, avo and raw cacao concoction is sure to cure sweet cravings! Also try the Matcha latte with a slice of the vegan coconut lime cake, which consists of gluten free flour, coconut flour, coconut blossom sugar and coconut milk and oil with lime juice and zest.

So we say yay to creating healthy habits, not restrictions and high five to WW!

Wellness Warehouse Morningside – 011 784 1444

Wellness Café Parktown Quarter – 011 327 6416

Wellness Café Thrupps Illovo – 011 268 6403


T: @wellnews

IG: @wellnesswarehouse

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