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New menu at Ocean Basket is heating things up this winter…

Jun 1, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

One of our fave fish restaurants is heating things up this winter! It’s getting colder and colder and warming foods are the order of the day in our lives right now, HJ, and the new winter menu from Ocean basket has us all kinds of happy right now.

So – don your ear muffs, your uggs and your beanie and head over to your nearest Ocean Basket to get hands on with these yummy items…

Creamy Salmon Soup

This yummy, rich and velvety soup makes the most delicious starter or even a light meal for the not so hungry. Scoop it up with fresh home made bread, and enjoy the zesty tingle of spring onion that complements the dish perfectly.

Mediterranean Rice Balls

Comfort foo deluxe HJ! Great for sharing (or not) these crispy rice and haloumi balls served with herb mayo are heaven sent, and if we could have eaten these as a main meal, we would have been very happy!


Because Mussels in a tomato based Mediterranean sauce sounded too good to resist, we dived in head first. We are huge fans of the sharing concept, so nibbling on a variety of dishes for  the table means that everyone gets to taste everything, and is also a great way to encourage food interaction encounters with friends and family. Just like they do overseas.

Salmon Mediterranean Rice

This proved to be a firm table favourite, and was stuffed full of yummy Salmon, Mediterranean veg and mussels, this is the perfect winter warmer addition.

Of course all your usual faves and pans are still available and we also enjoyed the Calamari and Chips pan, as well as the Trout and Clam combo.

We also love that Ocean Basket is encouraging diners to expand their palettes and get adventurous: 80% of fish consumed is taken from five or six species which experts predict could soon be extinct, so they’ve introduced a scrumptious new species called Silver Warehou.

This game fish is sourced from the deep Pacific waters of New Zealand and has firm, white flesh with a high fat content that is ideally suited to winter meals, offering a thick fillet with very few bones. Let’s help save the planet if we can – plus we highly applaud the fact that Ocean Basket no longer offer single use straws with their beverages. Nice!

Find out more info on the menu items here…

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