Next stop is summer! Make it sweeter with chocolate…

Oct 2, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

In case you hadn’t realised we are super excited about summer, Hello Joburgers, we can”t stop talking about it. We are thinking, long, lazy dayshere. Crickets singing in the night. Flip-flops. Pools, dams and the beach. Cool breezes. Shorts. Sun dresses. Sun glasses. Tall, fruity drinks with umbrellas. Ice cream. Summer, we’re ready, and we have the sunscreen to prove it!

If you are ready to tackle the warmer weather head on, then may we suggest making it all the more sweeter with these chillax ideas, courtesy of the team at My Chocolate Box.


As South Africans, we don’t need to be asked twice to braai. We love it – the meat, the veggies, the pap and/or the braai-pies. It’s a social event even if it’s only two people. So when you get the fire going, why not add a little fun by melting chocolate in a tin cup and toasting marshmallows? Once you have a nice puffed up marshmallow, dip it in the melted chocolate and enjoy the treat.

And after a long day outside, you’ll need something chilly to cool off with such as a fresh and cool strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

Movie date

It’s great fun to escape into a different world even if only for a few hours. Simply, get comfortable on the couch or build a Christmas bed, pop popcorn (it’s a well-known fact that popcorn makes movies better*), slot in a movie, switch on the fan and relax.

This is time well spent regardless of whether you’re on your own, on a date or with the whole family. Find a story filled with sweet moments and just enjoy the down time.


Our starry sky is absolutely stunning! And now that it’s warmer, we can appreciate it without freezing. If you can go camping or to the bushveld, you’ll see even more, but if you can’t, your backyard is just fine. Take a bottle of wine, heavenly brownies and a blanket, and make sure most of the surrounding lights are off.

Lay the blanket on the grass, pour a glass of wine, nibble on a brownie and get ready for good conversation under breathtaking scenery. There are even apps you can download (for free) that explain what you are looking at if you want to know what it is you’re enjoying.

Dinner party

Invite some of your friends over for great conversation, fun and superb food. Tell everyone to bring a dish, but their dish must feature an unusual flavour pairing. Then you all try the dishes and judge which one is best.

You can experiment with all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours, such as a white chocolate and caviar soufflé or blue cheese and chocolate truffles.

It’s great fun, and you’ll take your taste buds on a journey.

Simple celebration

If, however, you’re looking for a simple and easy solution, indulge in a divine chocolate. Just remember, they melt easier in summer so you must store them correctly.

Better yet, sign up for a My Chocolate Box and enjoy exquisite chocolatey treats delivered straight to your door every month. Call 0861 777 279 or visit for more information.

*Facts mentioned in this article are based on pure speculation and not on any scientific research.

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