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Nighttime travel on the Gautrain 101

May 22, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

With traffic and the recent hike in petrol prices, it’s inevitable that people will be looking at ways to save time and money when it comes to travelling.   

Aside from that, travel safety is also a factor worth considering as more and more vehicles on the roads aren’t roadworthy. Driving between Pretoria and Johannesburg at night is quite a scary affair and with the new laws on drinking and driving it is even more nerveracking. Then we can also talk about environmental impact and the footprint you leave when you drive your own car versus taking transport like the Gautrain. You might say that one person can’t make a difference but imagine what we can do if every person who thinks that way starts making a difference?  


Commuting to work and back with the Gautrain is one thing, but how often have you taken it at night? Keeping in mind that not all the Gautrain’s stations close at the same time and that they often amend their times according to special events happening in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria, it’s a safe and reliable way of getting to where you need to be. Even though it comes with a bit of planning, it often saves time rather than wastes time.  

Another reliable transport option, especially at night and when you’ve had a couple of drinks, is Uber and they collaborate very well with Gautrain in taking you places. The Gautrain stations are all very strategically located, allowing for your Uber transport to be only a short drive at a rather low cost. 


If you live in Pretoria and you’re planning to explore Johannesburg in the evening, the Gautrain is a brilliant transport option. Park Station is situated between Braamfontein, Hillbrow, Fashion District and Newtown – main attractions in the City of Gold, which means travelling there is unavoidable if you are keen for an authentic Jozi experience. This station closes at 21h30. Rosebank’s Gautrain station is just around the corner from Parktown’s restaurant hub and closes at 21h20 and Sandton station, encircled by restaurants like Pigalle, Hard Rock Café and Slow in the City closes at 21h35.  

The Centurion, Pretoria and Hatfield stations will also get you far. The Centurion Gautrain Station is very close to the SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium and the Leriba Hotel and closes at 21h15. The Pretoria Gautrain Station closes at 21h20 and is close to Pretoria Central, Muckleneuk, Sunnyside and Arcadia and Hatfield’s Gautrain station is where most students will be getting on and off. The latter is close to TUKS, Aandklas, Moloko Club and more and it closes at 21h30.  


Getting around in two of the major cities of the country has never been so easy. You can get your Gautrain card at any of the ticket vending machines at the stations or the ticket offices. Also, remember to download the Gautrain app to stay up to date with its schedules.

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