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One tequila, two tequila, three tequila … MORE!

Feb 12, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

With handcrafted cocktails as the focus, and the tasting menu as a supporting act, new kid on the block, J Rabbit, believes that tequila isn’t a trend, as it has been and always will be around.  

The brainchild of Paul Lycos and business partner Brigitte Labuschagne, Johannesburg’s first and only authentic Tequileria, nuanced after famed cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, with rabbits coincidentally playing a pivotal role in Aztec and Mayan mythology shakes up tequila like you’ve never seen it before… 


J Rabbit opened in Illovo in November 2018, and Paul, together with Brigitte, chose to create a category they could pioneer in South Africa and wanted to share the many ways to enjoy the stalwart spirit with locals, whilst nibbling on some of the best Argentinian, Cuban and Mexican accompaniments. 

There are only fifteen items on the Sabor Latino menu, such as the speciality handmade to order Huaraches or the roasted pineapple and corn salsa, which provide the perfect accompaniment to a classic margarita, served with your choice of tequila.  

With the largest selection of premium tequila and mezcal in South Africa, the cocktail menu showcases tequila like it has never been seen before, giving patrons an authentic experience with signature offerings such as “The Movie Night,” serving-four-month old 100% agave tequila, infused with the aroma of real popcorn and accented with salted caramel. You would never know you were drinking tequila, and it shouldn’t give you a hangover. For Paul, the greatest reward is seeing patrons eating and drinking what he and Brigitte have created and the unbridled joy it brings them. 

Similarly to wine, tequila boasts different taste bouquets, depending on the method of distilling; and these subtle differences in flavour can be enjoyed in a variety of ways; whether a vintage tequila is sipped on like a whisky, or a young tequila with more of a bite is used in contemporary and classic cocktails. 


Brigitte is the creative force behind the drinks and décor, and J Rabbit Tequileria presents the perfect fusion of Mexican cantina meets chic hotel lobby bar and affords patrons an exclusive experience, whether they’re on a date or a night out on the town.  

With her finger on the pulse of the city and understanding people, spaces and liquor, Brigitte has been instrumental in the creation of this sexy speakeasy that patrons escape to through the operational CML laundromat. With the faux frustration of finding the place forming part of the unforgettable experience, patrons don’t always want to share the city’s best-kept secret with their friends, but often want to keep the magic of mezcal all to themselves.


5 Illovo Junction, Oxford Rd &, Corlett Dr, Illovo

010 880 2830

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