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Organise and declutter your home for a minimalist approach to living

Mar 22, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

The concepts of minimalism and organisation have been gaining major traction and popularity in mainstream media lately. We’ve seen an influx of books, tv programmes and Netflix documentary’s (the KonMari method) infiltrating our day to day entertainment and so, we thought we’d break down these basic ideas for you. Because who doesn’t want to live a simpler, more organized, clutter-free life?

We put together a list of creative ways to simplify your belongings, get rid of objects that serve no purpose and make space for the things that really matter.


Give away one item each day

Set a challenge for yourself. Why not go through your house and collect all the things you haven’t used in the last three to four months. These can be clothing items, kitchen appliances or just the random bits and bobs everyone has laying around the house. Then for a whole month commit to giving away, selling or donating an item or two every single day. If you’re having trouble figuring out which items are worth keeping and which you should get rid of, try to think about whether or not the item has brought you joy recently? If the answer is no, then say bye bye! By getting rid of an item daily you won’t feel overwhelmed by letting go of too much all at once and you’ll have time to really asses the importance of each of your belongings. It’s simple, just take it one day at a time.


Try the closet hanger experiment

It’s a fact that most of us have way too many clothes. Think about your wardrobe and how many items of clothing you don’t wear, don’t fit or just no longer compliment your personal style. If you can’t identify these items or you’re having trouble deciding which pieces are worth hanging on to try this simple trick. Hang all your clothes with the hangers in the reverse direction. After you wear an item, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct direction. After a few months, you’ll have a clear picture of which clothes you no longer reach for and can easily discard. This cool little trick can also be applied to any area of your home. Try it for yourself.


Keep things together

A simple organisation system will really change the way your home feels. Start by categorizing your belongings as you go through them. Keeping things that serve similar purposes together will streamline the way your home operates, help you maximize functionality and just make your life easier! Store like items close to where you will use them and you’ll not only know where they are when you need them, but you’ll reduce some of the little frustrations in your daily life. Keep the mugs near the coffee machine, the pots near the stove and so on. If an item doesn’t belong in a certain room, move it!

Stop buying objects that you don’t need

It’s time to change your mindset. Stop spending money on things and start spending money on experiences. It’s true that this is a pretty millennial mindset to have but there might just be some major advantages to living like this. Instead of blowing cash on irrelevant items that won’t serve you any purpose in the long term and will just end up collecting dust in a draw, rather save money for experiences with your partner, friends and family. Not only, will this automatically reduce the clutter in your home but, it will automatically lead to a fuller, richer life

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