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Our top 5 documentaries to watch on Netflix tonight

Jul 3, 2020, Author: Candice May

Finished Tiger King? Don’t worry, all you cool cats and kittens – there’s plenty more documentaries on Netflix to get comfortable with. From food and music festivals to history and true crime, there are dozens upon dozens of hours of new stories for you to get invested in. Time to fire up your sister’s roommate’s boyfriend’s Netflix account and get watching! 


Salt Fat Acid Heat 

This documentary is inspired by the James Beard award-winning cookbook, Salt Fat Acid Heat. It follows American chef and The New York Times Magazine Eat columnist, Samin Nosrat who travels the world to countries including Italy, Japan and Mexico to explore and drive home the importance of the four basic tenants of cooking: Salt, fat, acid and heat. As interesting as it is relaxing, it’s one of the best foodie documentaries on Netflix for a reason. There’s currently only one season, but the combination of culinary science and Samin’s intoxicating personality will get you hooked fast! 

Amanda Knox 

You’ve probably heard the story of America woman, Amanda Knox – who spent almost four years in prison – and the question of whether or not she murdered her British roommate and fellow exchange student, Meredith Kercher in Italy in 2007. With extraordinary access to the new exonerated suspects, this doc is great because it doesn’t just focus on what happened to Amanda’s roommate. It also dives head-first into this murder case that gripped the world and Amanda’s super-sensationalised trial as a result of irresponsible journalism, blatant sexism and stunning flaws in the investigation. 


Diana: In Her Own Words 

Even though it’s now more than 20 years since Diana Spencer’s passing, she continues to fascinate and inspire us today. For anyone interested in the woman behind the Princess Diana legend, this documentary is straight-up bananas. In never-been-seen-before interviews with the icon as well as archive images and Lady Di’s voice straight from the past, you get to hear what life in the spotlight was actually like from her point of view, some of the most profound secrets that surrounded the life of the princess plus all the dirty details on her tumultuous marriage to Charles. 


This doccie in which celebrated American journalist, Gay Talese investigates Colorado motel owner, Gerald Foos reels you in with the promise of a scandalous story of a peeping motel owner – but it’s so much more. When Gay stumbles upon the story of the former motel owner who happens to have built a secret spying attic above all of his guest rooms so he can peep on them whenever he pleases, he thinks he has the story of a lifetime. But when these two clashing personalities start to unravel, so does the story. You’ll be screaming internally the entire way through this one – it’s a whole lotta yikes! 


Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened 

If you haven’t watched this one by now, we don’t know what you’re still doing here – you need to go watch it right now. Advertised by famous faces including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, Fyre Festival was the most talked about festival experience of 2017, but not because anyone had fun there. Guests who booked were promised ‘the best in food, art, music and adventure’ along with luxury accommodation in the Bahamas. This documentary takes a remarkable behind-the-scenes look at the rise and fall of the most glamorous festival there never was. Click play immediately! 

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