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Our top 5 gift ideas for Boss’s Day

Oct 11, 2018, Author: Candice May

Hello Joburgers, did you know that 16 October 2018 is Boss’s Day? Considering it’s a Tuesday this year, it may sneak up on us faster than anticipated. We’ve done some homework and managed to find 5 awesome ideas for you to show your boss just how awesome they are!

A living gift

This is the gift that keeps on giving (providing the recipient waters and nurtures it). As a closet environmentalist, purchasing gifts which are environmentally friendly completely appeals to me – it means no unnecessary plastic and packaging or harmful damage to the environment during its production –AND it lasts longer than any other gift which is quickly consumed and forgotten. Meaning your gift will be a long term reminder of what an awesome employee you are!

GIFT IDEA: Bonsai Tree or Bonsai Starter Kit from Netflorist

PRICE: R249.95 – R499.95



An experience

If your boss is less about materialistic items and more for making memories, then consider gifting him/her an experience as opposed to a physical gift. Whether it be spa treatments, advanced driving courses, a cooking class or simply a lunch at a venue they haven’t had a chance to eat at yet – sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones which had the most thought behind them.

GIFT IDEA: Boss’ Day Amazing Race Challenge at Casa Toscana

PRICE:  R2500 per team of 5  (includes amazing race in a Renault vehicle, lunch & entertainment)


An edible gift

Whether this means baking something, buying cupcakes or taking them for tea and cake, one of the most appreciated gifts with instant gratification is an edible gift. You can find ideas for delivery on Netflorists Bakery or stop in at your local bakery en route to the office.

GIFT IDEA: A selection of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme in Menlyn

PRICE:  Various



Something handmade

Whilst many of these ‘days’ are fun to celebrate, they have become fairly commercial and retailers aren’t shy to charge a little extra. So if you’re unable to spend what you feel your boss deserves, why not rather make something that is far more sentimental and meaningful considering it’s the thought that counts (so they say!). Pack a hamper of all their favourite things (a nice wine and some dry snacks perhaps) or create a 3-tier “beer cake” for the boss who likes his cold ones. It’s an opportunity to get creative and show your boss that they inspire you both at work and in general!

Personalised stationary

This may lean more toward lady bosses but for many of us there are few things as exciting as new stationery – with fresh pages that feels like we’ve been given a new start at trying to be neat. Whilst Typo is always a good idea for fun stationery items if you’re looking for something a little more personal then have a look at Netflorist’s options which can be personalized and delivered in time.

GIFT IDEA: Personalised Office Queen Take Note Set

PRICE: R229.95



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