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Our top 5 Lush Christmas launches

Dec 16, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

It’s finally December and what better way to reward yourself for a hard years work than with a blissful soak in the tub? And the only thing better than a long, relaxing bath is a long, relaxing bath using some of Lush Cosmetic’s new Christmas products! That’s why we’ve rounded up our top picks to treat yourself to this festive season.


Snowflake Body Lotion: R295 (225g)

There’s snow need to fear the ravages of summer sun when this luxurious body lotion is on your side. A lightweight cream with a triple dose of almond thanks to softening almond milk, moisturising Fair Trade almond oil and sweetly scented almond essential oil. Add to that a splash of soothing rose water, cosy benzoin and delicate sandalwood and you’ve got the perfect tonic to quench the thirst of winter parched skin. Evocative of the first snow of the year, dive into this glistening pot of marzipan scented magic and get it all over your body.

Snow Apple Soap: R95 each

In a magical orchard far, far away, you may witness a curious phenomenon. Rainwater freezes around apples in ice-cold temperatures, and once the fruit falls through the bottom an ice sculpture is left behind like crystals hanging from the trees. This mystical apple won’t send you into a slumber. A soap base with a fairytale cast of olive oil, cocoa butter and extra virgin coconut oil grant skin a winter wish. Be enticed by uplifting bergamot, neroli, and organic apple juice, as every wash lavishes you in a refreshing, shimmery lather.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel: R165 (250g)

You snow whats up when this shower gel lands on the shelves! A foam-fest of bubblegum sweetens up your shower. It’ll take but one wave of the wand to enchant your bathroom; we’re fairy certain you’ll emerge feeling magical. Don’t let the summer take its troll; lather up and lavish as Snow Fairy’s comforting, sweet fragrance envelops you in a cloak of candied mystique.

Rudolph Bath Bomb: R64,50

Regardless of whether you’re a dancer or a prancer, join in all the reindeer games and let Rudolph guide you to the perfect bath! As Rudolph, with his nose so bright, fizzes away in the water he releases cosy benzoin and rose to create a super snuggly bath that smells like the sweetest festive marzipan. Cocoa butter ensures that your skin will be left feeling soft and cared for.

No reindeer is quite complete without their antlers, and this fizzer is no different! Not just a bath bomb, it’s also a gift in itself. The recycled paper antlers work as a tag, so you can write ‘to’ and ‘from’ on them. You’ll be shouting out in glee because this Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is sure to go down in history.


Holly Golightly Amazeball Bath Bomb: R125

Whether you Golightly with a delicate sprinkle or you chuck the whole thing in, this Amazeball will scatter spicy, stimulating scents of Brazilian orange and cinnamon leaf oil for a warming bath. Pop the top off this spicy-sweet bombshell and sprinkle the insides into the bath as you run it just right. Let the bubbles build before dropping in the rest and climbing into the shimmery green waters.

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