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Our Top 5 neck and back massages in Jozi

Oct 13, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

Life is stressful, Hello Joburgers – and what better way to unwind than with a neck, back and shoulder massage? We of course took our task really seriously, and went on a singular mission to test drive as many massages as we could. Sometimes, we love our job! 🙂

Our Top 5 neck and back massages in Jozi are…in no particular order…

Perfect 10 – Sunninghill

This tiny little studio cranks out not only massages and waxing, but also mani’s, pedi’s and the like at a rate of knots. (See what we did there, HJ?)

We were ushered in to a softly lit room, with gentle music playing and had a great snooze while our therapist went to work. Medium pressure (as requested) was maintained throughout the massage – which can be something that often wears off as the massage progresses. We admit to having to be woken up at the end, and reluctantly had to face the reality of the outside world again.

Price: R 270

A: Shop 8, Chilli Lane Shopping Centre, Leeuwkop Rd, Sunninghill

T: 011 234 1077

Dolce Vita Beauty Centre – Randpark Ridge

Literally a home away from home – this beauty center has it all. What was once a sprawling home, now houses a buzzing (literally) hair salon on the one end, and a tranquil spa and treatment rooms on the other.

An hour of bliss in a peaceful environment – birds chirped outside and a dog barked in the distance. Again pressure is important and this was maintained during the full treatment. We also realised how many neck knots we have and asked our therapist to focus on working those out, which she obligingly did. Sigh….

They also offer tanning, IPL treatments, permanent make up as well as the mani’s and pedi’s etc. Highly recommended and very affordable.

Price: R 380

A: 71 Randpark Drive, Randpark Ridge

T: 011 792 9754

Da Vinci Day Spa and Gym – Sandton

Yes! Not only is the spa as beautiful as the hotel it is located in, but the therapists are friendly and we enjoyed this 5 star spa experience from start to finish. Our massage room was called “Clarity” – there are a variety of soothing names too, and were lulled to sleep as knots were worked out to the background of peaceful music.

Remember to take your bikini along, and a quick pop in to the jacuzzi and a glass of champagne was the perfect end to the perfect day.

Price: R 590

A: Cnr Maude and 5th Street, Sandton

T: 011 292 7200

Reflexions Day Spa – Fourways

Thai yoga massage for the win! If you are tied up like a stressed pretzel – this is for you. It’s not soothing by any stretch of the imagination – but you will feel way better afterwards, we promise

The outside of Reflexions is not assuming at all, but stepping inside is like closing the door on the hustle and bustle of outside life, and you would be forgiven for thinking you were really in a Thai spa. Water runs around the entire spa, and the room is located on a little “island”.

Climb in to your spa “suit” and get those stressed body parts pushed out with body pressure from your therapist. Elbows, feet and knees hit those knots dead on – and do make sure to drink a big glass of water afterwards, you will likely detox for a few hours!

Price: R 450

A: The Buzz Shopping Centre, Witkoppen Road, Fourways

T: 011 658 1884

Perfect 10 – Norwood Mall

Well there is a reason they have the word perfect in their name – our second Perfect 10 entrant is in Norwood Mall. This small yet cosy salon is busy, but the massage room at the back is an oasis of calm.

Scented candles, soft music, and wrapped up in a warm fluffy blanket we slowly drifted off to sleep. 30 minutes wizzed by in the blink (or lack there of) of an eye.

Price: R 220 (30 minutes)

A: Shop 46, Norwood Mall, Corner 6th Avenue & Hammelin Street, Norwood

T: 011 728 5127

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