Dining Out, Our Top 5

Our top 5 reasons to visit Rosebank’s Park Corner

Jun 20, 2018, Author: Candice May

Since the hip-and-happening Park Corner, on the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and Bolton Road in Rosebank, was established in late 2016, a number of new spots have popped up. It’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone on this trendy corner, Hello Joburgers! Here are our top 5 reasons to pay a visit.

Eat, drink and sing karaoke at Saigon Suzy

Joburg has a long lineage of Asian restaurants showcasing both culinary traditions and fusion fare, but if there’s one spot that’s got our attention right now, it’s Saigon Suzy. At this Asian street food-inspired barbeque and rock ‘n roll bar, you can eat, drink and then sing karaoke upstairs in the so-called secret motel rooms. We’re not sure about you, but dinner followed by a bit of a sing-song sounds like a fun night out! If you’re just in the mood to sample fiery Asian fare or experience a classic weekend dim sum brunch, it’s still worth stopping by.

Indulge in authentic Neapolitan pizza at Coalition

What’s even more sinfully delicious than pizza? Authentic Neapolitan pizza with a puffy, chewy crust, simple yet flavourful marinara sauce and chunks of buffalo mozzarella. The Neapolitan round on offer at Coalition is as exemplary a pizza as you’re like to find outside Naples (it’s no wonder they’re both a local landmark and a major stop on the Joburg pizza-tourist circuit – you don’t gain that kind of rep for nothing!). There are eight pizza toppings to pick from, two of which are pizza Bianca made with no tomato base. Our top picks apart from the mouth-watering margarita? The Cedare, with spicy salami, kalamata olives, roasted garlic and blue cheese, or the Leviso, with white anchovies, capers and fresh basil. Both are washed down perfectly with a classic Aperol Spritz!

Hang out at the ultimate man cave, Bar Ber Black Sheep

Who would’ve guessed that there’s a place where you can drink whiskey, smoke cigars and get a haircut? The wittily named Bar Ber Black Sheep barber-cum-bar is an inviting space filled with leather-bound chesterfield sofas and loungers, black and white chequered floors and glossy white tiles (the kind that you usually find in boutique hotel bathrooms). What’s more, there’s always music pumping and drinks flowing to keep the vibe going. We can’t think of a better spot to go for a guys’ day out!

Sip world-class cocktails at Sin+Tax

In a city as vibrant as Joburg, there’s no telling how many in-the-know parties and architectural gems lay unnoticed to the greater masses – ditto when it comes to the city’s best cocktail bars. We’d love to keep Sin+Tax our little secret, but their cocktails are simply too good not to share! Situated in an unmarked building adjoining Coalition pizzeria, this unassuming cocktail bar slings serious cocktails on the down low. The menu boasts a mix of classic cocktails – think a negroni, old fashioned, daiquiri and French 75 – and avant-garde drinks, all shaken up by award-winning mixologist, Julian Short. Feeling hungry? The bar also serves tapas-style dishes made in the pizza oven around the corner.

Enjoy fine dining without the fuss at Bolton Road Collection

Most Joburgers assume that the best fine-dining restaurants in the city are of the stuffy French sort – and that can’t be further from the truth. While there are plenty of Gallic classics, there are also bright and inviting, cocktail-loving dining rooms – one our favourites being Bolton Road Collection. A gourmet restaurant, a patisserie and a bar all in one, this high-class spot is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or a regular #TreatYourselfTuesday. There’s something for everyone on the menu, from pork belly with apple puree, crushed potatoes, baby carrots and thyme jus, to pumpkin gnocchi with broad beans, artichokes, peas, mint and spiced feta.

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