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Our top 5 wines to try this festive season

Dec 2, 2019, Author: Candice May

We don’t know your story, but one of the things we lust after during the festive season is the wine. There’s always a myriad of delightful choices to sip with your magical family – these are our top 5 selected for their unique story, amazing taste, and exceptional quality and value. 


Villiera Chenin Blanc 2018 

This chenin blanc doesn’t have a reputation for being one of SA’s best value wines for nothing! The best part is that no one would even guess that it’s budget wine as Villiera is synonymous with award-winning wines, from the Gold Wine Awards to the Gilbert and Gaillard International Challenge. It covers various price points, but the 2018 bottle is almost as fine as the vintages with intense notes of fruit and honey with a hint of wood spice on the nose. Pair it with oysters, grilled white fish and prawns, savoury canapés or creamy white cheeses. 

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Asara Pinotage Rosé 

There are so many reasons to love rosé wine: It’s budget-friendly, it’s the perfect brunch wine, it tastes good in your food, it pairs well with everything and you can literally drink it right this second (no need to hold this wine for a few years or ‘cellar’ it!). This one has tasting notes of ripe, vibrant strawberries and red berries, with candyfloss and melon on the nose. The best brunch news yet is that this particular rosé is possibly the best wine to drink with eggs – one of the few styles that shines with eggs. It also goes down well with a pizza after a long, stressful day.   

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Fairview Viognier 

 While this Viognier (pronounced ‘vee-own-yay’) is known for its honey and stone fruit flavours and typical spring blossom floral aromas, it’s also surprisingly versatile. Bright and gold in colour, you’ll enjoy a rich, complex palate with layers of waxy honeycomb, apricots and orange followed by a charming creamy finish. If you love to brood over bolder whites like chardonnay, this is definitely something you’ll like to swirl! It works with a wide variety of seafood, roasted or grilled chicken, pork, spicy flavours and Asian cuisine. Our favourite dish to sip it with is a Malay curry with delicate spice and dried fruits. 

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Glenelly Lady May 2013

Elegant and complex, fresh and vibrant, this is pedigree Stellenbosch cabernet sauvignon at its very best! The wine develops flavours of cassis, blackcurrant, dark cherry, touch of graphite and delicate spicy plum. It’s deeply coloured, perfectly balanced and displays an exquisite structure with velvety tannins and fantastic ageing capacity. The best part is that you never really know it – you just continuously rediscover it. We love drinking this cab sav when we’re eating foods like duck, brisket, pepper steak, mashed potatoes and lentils. 

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Heaven on Earth Natural Sweet Wine NV 

This is actually an enjoyable dessert wine on its own but adds a real burst of flavour to pasta dishes too. Light gold in colour with a very fragrant nose that’s reminiscent of roses, apricots and pine trees on a hot windless day, this wine is light in the mouth and has delicate flavours of the roses and apricots held together by wisps of Rooibos, ending with pine nuts. It has a good acidity that prevents a cloying sweetness and allows a clean finish. Make pasta a heavenly meal by adding this wine to classic dishes like mushroom-based pasta, vegetable lasagne and spaghetti carbonara. 

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