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Our top brand-new foodie picks of the week

Jun 26, 2020, Author: Bianca Spinner

Struggling to put pants on and risk the icy outdoor weather? We don’t blame you! Eat in with these brand new delectable delivery options. We’ve tried and tested em all and here’s our verdict.



We love: These wallet friendly meals, not only can you expect delicious tasty food but it comes served in the traditional Chinese takeout boxes. Winning!

What to order: Everything! No seriously the whole menu because it is all that mouth-watering! Main meals range from R65 for a vegan dish to R100 for a seafood dish. Start off the evening with a heartwarming hot and sour soup or a sweet-smelling chicken sweetcorn soup followed by sweet and sour cauliflower, mapo tofu, crispy eggplant and kung pao chicken for main course. Sides are not included and you simply cannot live in this city and not try their scrumptious egg fried rice, scallion pancakes and handmade noodles, all slurp-worthy! For dessert you’ll go nuts for the white rabbit ice cream, magic in a tub!

Deets: Visit to order or DM them on Instagram @eat_chinatown


FOOBLE – meal kit

We love: This concept is all kinds of marvellous! This is the latest treat-meal kit concept and it is called FOOBLE. These pre-portioned packed home treat-meal kits aim to disrupt traditional weekend meals by making them hyper-tasty, fun-filled cooking experiences and social to the core. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with your lockdown buddy and cook up a feast, or why not Zoom call and enjoy a double date?

What to order: The baseline burger chest- R440 (serves 4) and the crowd pleaser pizza chest- R480 (serves 4). Included in each chest is the fresh produce and 100% premium A-Grade meat, a list of utensils you’ll need, the recipe and even extra tips to make the dishes even more delectable. Also note you’ll get so much pleasure from each enchanting chest and the recipes are incredibly easy, any amateur cook can be a masterchef with this concept!

Deets: Visit to order your chest or visit their Instagram @fooble_food


MANNA FOOD CO – delivery

We love: How healthy and delicious a simple salad or sandwich can be, thanks to Manna Food Co. The food is simple, light and packs a punch with flavour! This much-needed model is a real hit for lunch hour!

What to order: The satay veg sandwich with avo and miso glazed roast sweet potato, sriracha & soy roast tofu, the caprese with avo, the bountiful beet bowl and the spicy peanut bowl, which both come served with a homemade dressing. Nutritious and oh so heavenly!

Deets: Visit or visit their Instagram @manna_food_co

BIRYANI BOWL – Parkhurst

We love: Finally there is a noteworthy Indian chow-house in the Parks. This menu will attract authentic Indian food-lovers across the city and will no doubt become a local firm favourite.

What to order: There is so much worth trying, just order a few dishes and share, tapas style. Try the chicken tikka kebab and pillowy soft pockets of gooey cheese and onion samosas to start, followed by the chicken rogan josh, the butter chicken and the yummy paneer masala for main course. Never forgoing the sides of traditional butter and garlic naan, straight out of the tandoori oven, vegetable fried rice and cucumber raita. Drooling yet?

Deets: Visit to order or visit their Instagram @biryanibowlsa

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