Our top ways to stay entertained this winter

Jul 4, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Time to pull on the onesie, heat up the hot chocolate and enjoy some online entertainment that will warm your soul: 

 Read: A Handful of Happiness 

 Available for your Kindle or e-reader, this delightful tale shares the story of Nina, a tiny hedgehog and Massimo the vet tasked with caring for the few day old soft quilled creature. Their friendship sparks the start of Massimo’s journey to reconnect and celebrate how something so fragile can have such a strong will to live. It’s magical, heart-warming and only R165 on Amazon.  

Watch: Glow 2 

Travel back to the 80s and marvel in the collision of hairspray and wrestling… seriously. Glow season 2 returned to Netflix late last month and is ideal for binge-watching in bed. Alison Brie marvels as the lead protagonist who flaunts around in spandex pretending to beat on her best friend, because being a professional actress wasn’t paying the rent. Glow season 2 promises to be funny, bright and will light the feminist fires in all of us. WOMEN POWER!   

Play: Vampyr 

If you like vampires (not the sparkly kind) you’re going to love Vampyr. The action role-playing game available for around R600 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC sees you enter the plague-riddled world of 1918 London. You wake as Dr Reid, a vampire who isn’t even sure how he was transformed. You’re tasked with making friends and possibly biting their necks as you navigate the streets in an attempt to decide if you want to help or drain the blood of the people you meet and befriend. The game plays out like reading a book and you’re under no obligation to fight or get gory. You can choose to just enjoy the story as you go. It is also long enough that you’ll see out the coldest July days before its time to venture outside again.  

We’re so not sure how to label this: Music for your cat 

Your fluffy friend may loathe leaving the house in winter but being cooped up inside can lead to lion levels of anxiety. We’ve found the solution though! Relax my Cat on YouTube is a channel dedicated to providing new beats to soothe your kitty’s soul. There’s a daily live stream of fresh mixes and you’re able to search playlists dedicated to finding the best tunes for any situation: from relaxing music for grooming to soothing sounds to prep Felix before you leave for work. And if you think our brains have been frozen, there are even videos on the channel to prove the music works! No excuses, your cat NEEDS this.

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