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People of Joburg – Batuk

Jun 13, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Easily recognized as one of the pioneers of their unique hi-energy alternative mid-tempo/kwaito groovy sound, Batuk, is a musical group that stems from the interior of Johannesburg in South Africa.

The eclectic and modernized South African Afro-Funk duo called Batuk by Spoek Mathambo, and this duo have already set a global footprint for themselves by performing for over 100 000 people in over 15 countries and show no signs of slowing down.

We sat down with Spoeks and Manteiga and found out more about them, and their brand new album titled ‘Kasi Royalty’…

Tell us about the name Batuk – what does it stand for, and why did you select it?

Manteiga: BATUK means ‘drum’ in Portuguese. We chose it because we are driven by the beats and the sound of percussion in our music. Drums are the world’s oldest and most ubiquitous musical instrument and being African it is simply in our nature to be drawn to its various sounds.

Kasi Royalty – what can listeners expect from the album, and how is it different to your previous EP, Move?

Spoek: Before this album, we released our debut Musica da Terra in 2016. That was produced with Aero Manyelo and was mostly in Portuguese…and recorded in many countries with many guests. We released Move! EP in Feb 2018 with a special goal of doing an ode/tribute to kwaito music….our full album Kasi Royalty is completely different.

The motivation with Kasi Royalty was to do something truly uplifting…We wanted to talk directly to people who need the motivation so we focussed on writing motivational songs like “Still Perfect”; “Babaloo”, “Just Breathe”…

You have recently toured overseas, where did you go – and what were your experiences?

Manteiga: We went to France, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea and China. It was incredible to hop between these countries and absorb the various cultures, foods, languages and art. Asia was mind- blowing and super fascinating. We absolutely adored every second of it. Most importantly, our music was received so well in every city we performed in. We got a lot of love from people who heard our music, which was so exciting and encouraging.

Which artist or group serves as your biggest inspiration?

Spoek: I love all music and find inspiration in everything from Monique Bingham; BOP; Osunlade; Master at Work to Thandiswa; DJ Cleo, Culoe and Coffee…to beautiful voices like Samthing Soweto, Bongeziwe Madandle and Langa Mavuso …too many inspirations.

Where to next for Batuk?

Manteiga: To the rest of the world! Bigger, better, bolder!

Besides your own music – what else do you have on repeat on your i-pod right now?

Spoek: Lots of random bits and bobs are in the mp3 player…mostly songs that make me smile!
DJ Spoko – Cucumba
Marumo – Toitoi
Emo Kid – Deadly Strings
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane – Teleported
Mobi Dixon – Love Colour Spin (DJ Tea Bossanova Mix) [feat. Msaki]
The Ministers – Ngena Mntan’am
Samthing Soweto – Ndofire/Skado
Roy Davis Jr. – Gabriel
Bison – O Demonio do Tarraxo

Watch the new music video for their second single “Deep Ocean Deep” HERE…

Find out more about Batuk here…

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